Online Games Should Be Banned by the Government Assignment

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Due to the unpleasant effects on children, online games should be banned by the government. Firstly, online games totally distract children from studying. Instead of listening carefully to what teachers say in class, young gamers often think or chat with their friends about how they can improve their ability in the games or where are they going to hang out in their cyber world and so on. Moreover, after school, they just go straight to the computers, ignoring their homework and lessons to review, letting their grades lower more and more.

The best example for this case is me. I was in grade 7 when I started being addicted to one of the online demon software. I completely stopped paying attention in class and countdown to my free time to spend on the game, and the consequence of it surprisingly made me drop from the top ten students in class to the bottom ten. Apart from the in-class distraction and irresponsibility, online games cost a great deal of money. The longer children spend time on it, the more money it takes.

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This doesn’t only mean the costs of home internet service or internet cafe usage, but also the games themselves have to be top up with money. Altogether it costs more than 500 baht a week, which is considered very excessive. Though ‘Money’ is not a big deal, ‘finding money’ really is. According to Ms. Yu-Jin Lee, an experienced news reporter from ABC Thailand, online games are the major cause for the current increasing number of children crimes. Children commit more crimes nowadays for money to play games, such as stealing, robbing or even trade their bodies’, said Ms. Lee. The final and the most important reason is that online games unbelievably cause social problems. People might say that online games can reduce children’s stress from the school or can even be a good family activity. However, playing game is not the only alternative. Sports, music, picnic and so on are considered better and making more sense.

Many youngsters get more addicted and more aggressive as time goes by, making them neglect their parents’ love and care. Some go to internet cafe before going home late at night or some even escape from their shelters and become beggars. From a little family problem, online games addiction can become a huge social problem and could possibly be a nationwide one, which is eventually difficult to deal with. Considering all of their disadvantages, it’s time the government forbade online games.

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