Computer Games: a Boon or a Bane?? Assignment

Computer Games: a Boon or a Bane?? Assignment Words: 458

We are now living in the era where people are trapped and hooked in a technology which also humans have created – the computers; computers which have become monsters in mankind, yet monsters of innovations, at the same time addiction. They are the creations not by God, but a product of humans intelligence. In our very competitive world, updates in computers are even one of the most controversial subjects all over nations. Countries compete to newly-introduced technologies; and even In a flimsy-thought, yet highly regarded one, on games.

The most common question nowadays is: Computer Games – Is It a boon or a bane? In a liberal and logical way of thinking, It Is a boon. In morale and totality, It Is totally a bane. It Is a boon because of Its benefits somehow. One can be attributed to the traditional mind- game which was before In a form of a piece of paper which now turned Into a hi-tech and more complex manner -? In computers, still a mind-game. Thus, our mind works, it decides and it chooses, it concludes. Our mind is tested and challenged to gauge how excellent we are logically and accurately. And as I mentioned above, it makes friendships grow even stronger.

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One’s skills in fighting are improved in a silent but a bit revolutionary way. Yet if we go deeper than what is stressed, other people try to think that the way they engage in computer games are not ample , when in fact, they spend almost all their time in it. Computer Games – it is a bane – a menace to society – both for young and old ones. Behind the fact that they are challenged to be at their best in decision-making and reasoning, much of their time is being wasted up. Staying in a computer room for a long period of time is a big no-no! Yes it is fun to play, but it creates problems at the back of such pleasure.

Negligence to perform other chores is one; negligence to do school assignments is one; and lack of enough sleep is another one. Hence, pleasure is not good if behind it is a negative outcome. How can one continue having pleasure if it gradually deteriorates the chances of playing? Computer games then are really monsters that destroy the totality of a human being. Based on the above comparison, computer games can be a boon and a bane. It’s for you to think at, weigh things, to decide whether you keep on being hooked to it or be wise to divide your time in a reasonable way. I Just hope we use our mind and time wisely.

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