The Ethics of Selling Violent Video Games Assignment

The Ethics of Selling Violent Video Games Assignment Words: 475

Should Barry recommend that Take-Two go forward with the release of GTAG: Vice City? Yes, they should think deeply of the Impact that the game will game will have over the children who play It, not only the Impact the game will have over their company and also take Into account that many groups are already against them In the release of the game. 2. Given the contemplated video game is legal, is clearly marked as “Mature” for audiences over 17, and is targeted for audiences not particularly offended by the homes of GTAG: Vice City, is there an ethical issue of any kind in this case?

Yes, because the game is already classified the game from 17 years up and is legal, so the choice of buying the game depends on the children who want it and of the parents who buy it to their kids. 3. Do video games producers bear any social responsibility whatsoever for the themes of gratuitous violence they reinforce or the messages they send about the treatment of women as sex objects? Yes completely, because they are transmitting to people who play their game Is that violence and women used as a sex object Is now a days “normal” and this will cause people to take that into reality. . If the answer of question 3 is yes, what steps do you recommend be taken to improve the current situation regarding the marketing of video games in the U. S. A? 1 . The government needs to be aware of what messages are video games are transmitting. 2. Video games producers need to take into account the damage that their video games will cause to their clients. 3. People need to take into account, hen buying a video game, if they contain violence or sex. Firebombed & Fitch 1.

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Is A&F really using Quarterly to generate free publicly and to create a dimension of controversy and rebellion sometimes important to their youthful target market? Yes, A&F is making teenagers to think of living life in another dimension and that is being rebellion, having sex, drink, use drugs, etc. They are making think teenagers that doing that stuff is normal. 2. If you were called in as an advisor to Jiffies, what would you tell him to do about he Quarterly?

I will tell him to stop promoting A&F through Quarterly because the magazine is classified as a dirty magazine and that is the image that A&F is showing while promoting themselves through that Quarterly. 3. How does this case relate to the ethical theories/frameworks we have discussed? Companies will do anything to Increase their profits and become popular. A&F Is causing a lot of controversy but in that way many people is getting to know A&F and Is a way to call ten attention.

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