Impact of Piracy and Relative Legislation on Pc Games Industry Assignment

Impact of Piracy and Relative Legislation on Pc Games Industry Assignment Words: 488

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August 1 Sheehan Duding Aimed Entertainment Marketing ABA Department American International University-Bangladesh (BIBB). Subject: Submission of Report on Piracy & relative Legislation on PC Games industry in Bangladesh. Dear Sir, We are pleased to submit the report on the “Piracy & relative Legislation on PC Games industry Bangladesh”, which you have assigned as one of the requirement of our Entertainment Marketing Course. We are very much grateful to you for giving us the opportunity to find out and gain knowledge on this matter.

The illegal copying and redistributing to professional steward was practiced globally tort a long time . The new addition o this piracy cycle is illegal copying and selling of PC games for profit. USA the biggest computer game producing country is not even out of piracy business. Asian countries like China, Malaysia, and Singapore are the biggest hub for producing pirated PC games. Bangladesh is one of the biggest consumers of pirated products, in which PC games is a major part. Recently the cyber culture, several gaming competitions and availability of pirated games is helping the gaming market to boost up more.

No one is considering one fact that if the availability of this pirated game is being stopped then what will be conditions of the market. The piracy problem is causing billion alular lose to the Game developers. So it is really a big issue which has to stop by taking effective actions. Through this report we will find out the current condition of piracy in Bangladesh. We will focus on the control of piracy on gaming market, the markets role, the piracy cycle in Bangladesh, key players in this business, the customer profile and their reactions towards pirated product, awareness and opinion about the piracy law.

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