Hunger Games & The Republic Assignment

Hunger Games & The Republic Assignment Words: 338

Some over arching themes in the book is politics and an overbearing government. This can be seen through the social hierarchy that the Capitol has established throughout each district. The districts are ranked in numerical order with the Capitol as the leader, and districts 1 through 1 2 decreasing in worth. “Compared to the harsh conditions of… District 1 2, the luxuries of the Capitol and the party-style excitement of the population at the prospect of the Hunger Games seems unforgivable” (van Dyke 165).

Whenever there are harsh conditions and poverty at one end of the country and at the other end there are people who live a life of luxury and overindulge in gluttony, you know that the system is corrupt and the politics are unjust. In the book, The Republic Plato talks about how there are three classes to have a perfect society. The three classes are Guardians, Auxiliaries and Producers. The guardians ruled the just society which governed not their own interests but for the good of the people. These philosopher-kings are the opposite of a tyrant like President Snow.

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A tyrant is the most unjust type Of ruler, according to Socrates: “inevitably envious, untrustworthy, unjust, friendless, impious, host and nurse to every kind of vice. On the one hand, we admire Catkins’ courage and PETA Mallard’s compassion. In those respects, most of us agree that they’re good models to imitate. Socrates would have agreed, too. On the other hand, some people worry about how other aspects of the story might affect its readers’ souls. Could all the brutal killings rheumatic young readers or desensitizing them to violence?

Should we be disturbed that one of the story heroes, Hammiest Abernathy, is a raging alcoholic? It was because of similar concerns that Socrates proposed that the rulers of his ideal society should closely monitor the types of MouseKey- available to young people and weigh the potentially beneficial or harmful effects. Works Cited Van Dyke, Christina. “Regulating Hungers in the Capitol. “

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