Marketing through Social Media Assignment

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Customers can sign up for newsletters that will provide Information such as age group, sex, world location, Interests, and specific product Interests. Consumers are also able to Increase satisfaction by the ease of location and Information provided to contact Coke and reading the FAQ. This aids Coke by providing specific target market data and improving their customer relationship management, therefore increasing the demand of the product. Coca-Cola’s use of the Internet for marketing is nearly perfected and is a great example to other companies.

Coke’s use of demographic data and customer legislation management has helped keep them as leaders in their industry. Their innovative design maintains the consumers engagement and interest. Coke does an excellent Job of marketing to targeted segments in even a sometimes flashy manner (Enforcing, 2012). Describe, discuss and analyze the use of social media In marketing Social media Is a new set of tools that allow companies to connect and build relationships.

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It also provides a two way street in communication allowing the consumer and the company to interact at a much higher speed because of the ability of mass contribution. Two popular examples of social media are Backbone and Twitter. Backbone has more than 800 million people, which is comparable to the third largest country in the world. Coca-Cola has more than 36 million Backbone friends and grows about one million friends every 10-15 days.

Wendy Clark, senior vice president of integrated marketing communications, explained that the use of social media in marketing their products is very important (Bloomberg, 2011). When looking to put a monetary value on their social marketing, Backbone specific, Wendy states that they used a third party study that shows the fans are twice as likely to consume, ND 10 times as likely to purchase; In Dalton to the qualitative assumption that the fans enjoy the product (Bloomberg, 20111. The use of social media allows Coca-Cola to be engaging. Authentic, and open control the variables of the brand and provides a huge risk to companies by allowing consumers to share their opinions. Coca-Cola addresses this by their proactive engagement with their consumers by answering and commenting on the tweets on Twitter regarding their global brand. Wendy stated that there are more than 1500 tweets a day that Coke response in open authentic dialogue with the consumers (Bloomberg, 2011). This two-way communication allows Coke to be the largest brand fan page.

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