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Mix Products Coca-Cola is the leading provider of soft drinks in the world. Our company wishes to stay at the top of the game for non-alcoholic carbonated drink products. Coca cola also Is looking for healthy alternatives for the customers that do not drink carbonated beverages. This brand extension will be necessary because of the constant competition in the soft drink industry. Distribution Coca cola products can be found almost everywhere. It Is our goal to provide our products to the world.

By having bottling companies around the world we can extend our brand around the world. The new share a coke advertisement has placed names on all of our bottles to encourage sharing our products with family and friends, Our products come In bottles, cans, two liters, one liters, and Is available for commercial sale to restaurants and convenience stores. The Coke bottle Is a very distinct and recognizable shape that adds to distinction of our brand from all of the others on the market.

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Promotion Coca-Cola invests billions of dollars a year in advertising and promotions around the oral to maintain its position of industry leadership against rival Pepsi. Recently Coca cola sponsored the world cup. This month long competition displayed the brand to Millions of world cup fans in Brazil and over 1 billion sports fans watching from home. Coke uses celebrity endorsers to increase the brand association as being popular and trendy. Coke uses all methods available for advertisements to get our products noticed. T. V. Immemorial, billboards, magazine ads, and posters are actively used in our promotional plan. Price The competition between Pepsi and Coke helps to keep the price down. The beverage industry is very competitive and competitive pricing is needed to be an active player in the game. Coca cola does not want to sacrifice quality of product for price. Coca cola is priced for its competition and its consumers in mind. “What Is the Marketing Mix of Coca Cola?

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