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DEAD performs an important law enforcement mission across America and in more than 50 countries around the globe. 3. Nation’s top federal drug law enforcement agency 4. Busts meet labs in middle America 5. Tracks drug finances through international banking systems 6. Keeps city streets safe from drug gangs 7. Makes cases against the world’s most dangerous and powerful drug lords 8. Finds links between terrorists and drug traffickers 9.

DEAD has 223 domestic offices in 21 Divisions throughout the United States 10. DEAD also has 86 foreign offices in 67 countries. 11. DEAD has been successful in dismantling major drug rings. 12. DEAD took down The Medallion and Call cartels in Colombia. 13. DEAD Joins forces with the FBI to bolster the effort with more anti drug manpower and resources. 14. Congress passes an amendment to the CSS to address new problems in the rapidly changing world of drugs. 15. Special Agent Unripe “Kaki” Camera is kidnapped and murdered while on assignment in Mexico.

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His murder leads to the most comprehensive homicide investigation ever undertaken by DEAD and is the reason Red Ribbon week was created. 16. DEAD establishes the Demand Reduction Section to provide leadership, coordination, and resources for drug prevention and education. 17. The first major drug smuggling tunnel known to run between the United States and Canada is shut down. 18. President George W. Bush declares November 30, 2006 National Methamphetamine Awareness Day-the largest single nationwide effort warning against the dangers of using meet.

A member of an Afghan Taliban cell is invoiced on charges of narcotics distribution and Marco-terrorism?the first U. S. Federal court Marco-terrorism conviction. 20. The DEAD has close to 11 thousand employees. DEAD was created by Executive Order in July 1973 to establish a single unified command, America was beginning to see signs of the drug and crime epidemic that lay ahead. By the early sass, drug use had not yet reached its all time peak, but the problem was sufficiently serious to warrant a serious response. Consequently,

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