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I had a lot of time to finish this project, but because of everything else I had going on in my life, I really only had five days to complete a month long project. This scarcity led to do me doing worse on the assignment. This assignment is about convincing my class that the drinking age should be lowered to eighteen because you are considered an adult at eighteen years old. The teacher made us write a convincing essay to her. Then we had to present a power point convincing the class why it should be changed. Originally when I got the assignment I had a lot of slack. Slack is when you eave a break or a good amount of time to finish something.

Which I did not use to my advantage. My slack was that I had a month notice to do it, but decided to do it with only five days left. When I started to do the health project understood why I had a month to do it, it was not made for you to work on it only for five days. In scarcity they say “it is that we fail to leave slack for the future(pig. 224). ” This explains exactly what happens with me I did not leave slack for the future which made me scarce of time. Slack is not always a good thing to have because to much slack can make you forget about an assignment, this happen to me because I had a month to do mine, but totally forgot about it.

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Two other important concepts from scarcity are vigilance and consistency. It is difficult to succeed in high school or in life without them. “The the pain of signing up does not compare to the pain of stomach crunches or a half hour on the elliptical machine(pig. 21 1 This is saying once you start it, it is so much harder for you to keep on working on it and finish it. This applied to me because once actually started the project it was way harder to keep on working on it because it was a stressful workload. Consistency requires constant attention, effort, and steadfastness(pig. 1 56). This explains how consistency is a great habit to have and to use in your daily life. When I realized that I had a scarcity of time left to complete the assignment, neglected my other responsibilities and had to begin to tunnel. I had a month-long assignment but only five days left to do it which meant I had to stop going to soccer and stop doing some of my other assignments at school and stop doing some of my other assignment at school and only focus on the health assignment, this is called tunneling. So we brought saving back into the tunnel for a moment by making it top of mind(pig. 07). ” Was tunneling when I was doing my health project for the five days was doing it for. I didn’t necessarily manage my scarcity very well, because had all that clack and I didn’t use it to my advantage. Also, all of the things that I neglected while I was tunneling meant that I had even more scarcity in other aspects of my life because missed other assignments, and soccer, etc. I went to to Texas for ML Cup for a week, then went another week to Arizona to a showcase for colleges to recruit me for soccer. This affected my school work because I did nothing when was there.

This set me back on the health project needed to finish. Also, my school didn’t really do a very effective job at helping me manage my scarcity, because many big assignments were due all at the same time. The teachers didn’t talk to each other and all would assign things that we had to do at the same times, which led to more scarcity and a more difficult schedule. If the teachers had talked to each other more and spread out the assignment, then maybe I would have been able to focus on One at a time and get them all done. In this way, there was scarcity of communication.

One of the important things that school teaches students is how to manage time and complete assignments. Understanding how scarcity works is a great way to make sure that you get everything done on time. I wouldn’t want to be in this position of scarcity again because it prevented me from getting a better grade. Which made me rush and not get my whole point across. The worse part is that part is that I had a month to do it, but it turned into a five day project. This was really stressful because it was a month worth of research.

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