College and High School Assignment

College and High School Assignment Words: 455

As many of you may know education is very important in our lives because without it you will struggle in life. High school and college have many similarities. Despite, having those similarities, both of them have many differences as well. The similarities and differences that high school and college have are costs, workload, and social aspects. Overall, college is more expensive, has more academic challenges, and offers a better social environment for students than in high school.

College is more expensive than high school because of tuition, living expenses, and books. You may choose to live at home when you are in college and most definitely live at home when you are in high school. Many times a student in college may decide to live in a dorm or an apartment, but in high school you are not given that option. Living expenses are around$400-$600 per month. Unlike college, you are provided with all of the books in high school. In contrast, you must pay for the books, which is around $300-500 per erm.

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In college you must also pay for tuition, which is around $1,500 – $2,000 per term when you attend college and in high school you are funded by the government. The workload in college is more challenging than the workload in high school. There are fewer assignments to do in high school. The difference in the number of assignments is very high because for high school it is 1-3 while in college it is 3-5. The final grade for college is 25%-50% and for high school it is 5%-25%.

Most of the ssignments in high school are less challenging and time consuming than in college because many of the assignments are easy. In contrast college assignments may take up to 2-8 hours to complete them. College offers more activities, sports, and clubs than high school because students can play on varsity teams while in high school you are not allowed and must find outside programs to be able to Join varsity teams. Most of student in high school are underage and public nights are not allowed. On the other hand, college favors that public night on campus.

The activities that are allowed in college but not in high school are Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas. It would be great to have a pool in school so you can relax or do other activities in the pool. Well, high school does not have this, but in most colleges it does exist. It is obvious that college is very different in comparison to high school. College is very expensive has more assignments and the environment is around people is outstanding. High school is below college and has fewer advantages when comparing it to college.

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