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This assignment asks you to examine some of the key elements of your individual lattice make-up and to engage others in a discussion about these values. Write a summary of the major elements of your political life. You should briefly describe these characteristics common to all of us. A) What are the major political influences in your life? What teachers, friends, religious beliefs/leaders, public figures have influenced or shaped your attitudes about political life? What episodes or public events have been critical in forming your attitudes about politics? ) What is your party identification, if any? Do you see yourself as a Democrat, Republican, Independent, Green, or are you non-political? What is it about your party that you like the most? What do you least like about your party? If you have no party identification, why? C) What are the top 2 or 3 challenges facing America and our political system today (this could be education, jobs, deficits and national debt)? What actions (public or private) are needed to address these issues? (Note: These problems may or may not be public issues in the traditional sense of the term.

For example, many people believe that the very survival of self- government depends upon having a citizenry that practices private virtue. Some contemporary social critics believe that the United States is experiencing a decline in “traditional” morality that will ultimately weaken and perhaps undermine the system of self-government. Others believe that the “moral decline of America” is vastly and incorrectly overstated. Still others see the primary problem in America being associated with a decline of our economic system and inability to govern it properly.

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This example is used here merely to illustrate that you are free to use your imagination when defining the top problems confronting the United States. Use your imagination and be true to your beliefs. Don’t let my meager suggestions stand in your way-?be a free-thinker. ) This assignment is worth a maximum of 10 points and should be at a minimum one and a half pages in length (for a ‘C level grade), in 12 font, and single spaced.

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