Reducing Drug Trafficking Into the United States Assignment

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Reducing drug trafficking in the United States is an issue that our country’s struggled with since the early 1900’s. The illegal drug market in the U. S. is one of the most profitable in the world. This is a difficult task for law enforcement to undertake because drugs are being smuggled constantly. This occurs throughout many different borders of the US.

S. and is trafficked by so many different methods. This is an issue that many say can’t be stopped, and the only way to secure the boarders is to put military fifty yards apart anywhere drugs are smuggled. When the issue is referred to as a crisis that cant be stopped it actually makes much since because it’s an on going catastrophe. The thought of completely reducing drug trafficking into the United Stats is ludicrous, but believe our country can put more money and resources into decreasing the epidemic. If the U. S. rotected their boarders better I believe we could dramatically reduce the flow of drugs into our streets. The reason why drugs are such a big issue is because it leads to other crimes. More than half of the crimes committed have something to do with illegal substances. With the War on Drugs the United States government needs to focus on high intensity drug trafficking areas in order to protect our boarders and reduce crime in all different areas. In conducting research for my topic it was fairly easy because there is just so much information regarding drugs and the United States.

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Since the subject was so broad it was essential to limit the topic in order to narrow the scope for information. The issues that are most important to focus on are high intensity drug trafficking areas and what steps the United States is currently taking to reduce the flow of drugs into our cities. The type of research that seems to be most effective is information retrieved off of the Internet. It’s best because there is always current information available. The World Wide Web provides information from all different angles and is factual if one finds credible sites.

In my research I chose to use many authoritative and government sites because I can rely on this information being credible. These sites have gatekeepers to make sure that all information is correct and on point. In doing research I found several sites that provided much useful information. The first site that I found to be of much use was justice. gov. This site provided information on the U. S. Drug Enforcement Administration. There was a specific page that focused on high intensity drug trafficking areas. This assisted me because this was one of the issues that I wanted to focus on.

If the government doesn’t know where the drugs are coming from they can’t stop the problem. Once looking at all the areas of the U. S. in which drugs are smuggled I could better understand how big of a problem drug trafficking is and how difficult it can be to decrease the crisis. Surprisingly Wikapedia also assisted me in my research. In limiting my topic I also chose to focus on what the U. S. is doing to stop the problem. The site was helpful because it provided all the information I needed to figure out what has been done thus far to stop the flow of drugs into the streets of America.

In order to make sure the information I retrieved from wikapedia was credible I verified it with a few other sites. For this weeks assignment we were instructed to go into Pro Quest to find other sources that could possibly be of use. Once looking at all the resources available I will have no problem getting information for my report. Since doing research I have found so much information to assist with my paper. Drug trafficking is such a large problem but it just doesn’t seem like there is enough being done to solve the problem. More resources need to be put out in order to get this issue under control.

Even though there is more that can be done the government has set aside efforts to assist with the problem. The best iniative out right now is the war on drugs. This is a campaign of prohibition and foreign military aid being undertaken by the United States government, with the assistance of participating countries, intended to both define and reduce the illegal drug trade (Wikipedia, War on Drugs). This is a great program in order to reduce drug trafficking, but obviously more needs to be done because our streets are still flooded with drugs from other countries.

Anything having to do with drugs can lead to so many other problems that’s why it’s so essential to reduce the problem. Reference H Richard Friman. Crime, Law and Social Change. Dordrecht: Sep 2009. Vol. 52, Iss. 3; p. 285 (11 pages) Amie L Nielsen. Journal of Drug Issues. Tallahassee: Spring 2010. Vol. 40, Iss. 2; p. 461 (33 pages) Kit R. Roane. U. S. News & World Report. Washington: May 21, 2001. Vol. 130, Iss. 20; p. 27 Jim Webb. Criminal Justice Ethics. New York: Oct 2009. Vol. 28, Iss. 2; p. 163 (5 pages)

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