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Any career, or workplace, that you go to you will find those employees that are unmotivated to do anything with their Job. These motivational issues will vary from person to person as to what causes them, however many stem from outside external factors. These factors hinder people in the workplace and do not allow them to strive to reach the goals they want to achieve. A few of these factors have to deal with one’s health, career choices, and personal finance.

While, they aren’t the only factors, these three factors do tend to present themselves in many situations within the workplace. First, health is a big concern for people, and their health day in and day out will hinder or help their performances. Someone who is in bad health, or poor health is not going to be motivated to get up and get their day started, they are more prone to being lazy and getting up right when they have to, to get done what needs to get done. On the other hand, someone who is in better health is ready for their day; they ant to get up and get moving and do something in life.

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You can tell those people who are motivated for the work day because they are at work, they love their career choice, and basically they want to be where they are and continue to strive to get to the top. These people who have health issues can be many different types of people from elder employees to younger employees or even men or women. There isn’t really one category of health issues that is going to describe all that is out there, as each issue really needs its own category to deal with.

Alder’s ERG Theory talks about aggression in the workplace, and this could definitely be one of those case because your “physical” need is not there or your health, and without one piece of the puzzle; it’s cracked. The concept is an easy one to understand when you break it down. According to Bandeau (2000), “the corporate profiles reveal that some companies encourage their “team players” to be playful, play games and go on field trips. It begins to read like an elementary school primer for the kids. But a child who is stressed, sleepless and overworked can’t be creative.

And neither can an adult worker” (E). There will be no succeeding without all pieces together, but there are ways that you can fix this regression stage and turn it around into a productive stage. A great way to fix this is find out what is causing all the issues in the first place; are they from the person being alone, are they psychological, what is it that causes the person so much angst that they are putting themselves in risky health situations. One thing that Alder’s ERG Theory mentions is about fixing that missing piece and becoming a cohesive match through the whole process.

As Aback (2012) mentions bout this theory, “Existence needs equate to concepts of physiological and safety needs. Relatedness needs match social needs. Growth needs Incorporate needs Tort esteem and self-actualization. Notice that existence needs could be considered as physical in nature, relatedness as social in nature, and growth as psychological in nature” (4. 2). This is extremely important to Alder’s ERG theory. One thing that can be implemented would be a more co-worker social interaction. People thrive on being able to be around other people and this helps to lighten up the day from the Eng day of work.

When the social aspect is there, the mindset and psychological aspect will begin to rise. This in turn will help with the health issues, whether those are present issues or complete lack of motivation issue, either way the person will feel more motivated to take care of these issues. If they are serious health issues, also making sure all employees have access to insurance is another way to help them get help and increase motivation once they have are being helped. Another motivational issue that severely affects performance is lack of esteem from career decisions.

When someone is not happy in their career you can tell their lack of motivation in the work ethic they show, and the way they act in the workplace. There are many reasons why this might occur, from being past up for promotions, not being qualified enough, or the lack of motivation or goals to further yourself in your career and in life. Regardless of why someone is unhappy with their Job decisions, there are always ways to fix those or ways to find around what is making them so unmotivated about it. Honestly, if someone is unhappy about their career choices, they really can only do here things, accept it, change it, or Just flat out move on.

This is best described by Dam’s Equity Theory and Organizational Justice, “The essence of equity theory can be described as follows: When people perceive their situation at work as being fair or equitable, they are more likely to remain motivated at the level they have always been. When they perceive their situation as unfair or inequitable, they are prone to dissatisfaction and there will be a negative impact on their levels of motivation” (Aback, 4. 2). Many people are unhappy at the success of others because hey only see what the others are achieving and not seeing the work that goes into this.

This is also known as Jealousy, which is a human emotion that often affects the self-esteem in those people in a very negative way. According to Yourselves, “research and theory on employee Job satisfaction and well-being has increasingly concentrated on both intrinsic and extrinsic motivational factors. According to self- determination theory , autonomy, relatedness, and competence are three intrinsic psychological needs that, if fulfilled in the workplace, will lead to greater satisfaction, reference, and general well-being” (72-79). Dam’s Equity Theory outlines this issue in a few easy ways.

When you think about what you want and where you are there is a small correlation between the two that takes a few steps to make your ultimate decision. Your decisions amount to accepting your current standings, change your outcome to what you want to achieve, or move on and find a new path. If you are unhappy about your career pay, ask for a raise, the worse you’ll hear is “no,” and if this is not the answer you want; find somewhere else that will say yes. If you are not getting the assignments you feel you are capable of, work harder and more efficiently to show them you are capable and can handle the tougher, more detailed stuff.

If you absolutely cannot stand your Job or co-workers, quilt Any seclusion you make wall ultimately get you to winner you want to be, or on a new path to find it. The final external factor is financial, and this is a big denominator for many people. Many people get stuck into a rut and feel unmotivated because the money is not there, but they do not have the necessary tools to get the money where it needs to e, or the meaner to do so. If your financial status has fallen this is going to affect you in the workplace because that is the place the “lack” of income is coming from.

It is understandable that if your main focus is your financial status and you are lacking in that department than your focus at work is going to be that stress you have brought upon yourself. Basically, this can be summed up by Herrings Two-Factor Theory. In this theory things are broken up into two categories, your “hygiene” and your “motivators. ” The hygiene factors are things in the workplace that are dissatisfactory. Whereas the motivators are those factors that improve motivation. Basically if your financial is low, then your hygiene is wages, hours, or working conditions.

If you feel you deserve more money for the hours your work, or the conditions you work and they will not compensate, then there is no motivation to continue working there or be happy at your Job. How do you fix issues like financial at your current workplace? There are a few ways to up motivation. You can look at a list of your motivators such as achievements, recognition, and responsibility; see if there is more work that you are outing in that will help motivate you to show them you deserve a raise. People like good work done the right time first, and they do not want to have to tell workers multiple times to get it done.

If you are covering more responsibility than others then you should bring that up to their attention when you get your next sit-down with the boss or next review. Having some time to prove the work you put in also allows some time for you to get motivated again about the work you do. In conclusion, at any workplace that you go to you will find those employees that re unmotivated to do anything with their Job. These motivational issues will vary from person to person as to what causes them, however many stem from outside external factors.

These factors hinder people in the workplace and do not allow them to strive to reach the goals they want to achieve. While, they aren’t the only factors, these factors do tend to present themselves in many situations within the workplace.

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