Reconstruction Era of the United States Assignment

Reconstruction Era of the United States  Assignment Words: 237

Answer He lacked any concern for the welfare of African Americans. Question 4 What was the most powerful source of political unity among white conservatives in the South? Answer race Question 5 Which of the following did the congressional Reconstruction program enacted 1866-1867 NOT provide for? Answer a land reform measure that would grant small tracts of farmland to deserving freedmen Question 6 The southern response to war’s end and Johnny’s program of Reconstruction indicated Answer despair and defiance.

Question 7 In the 1 872 election, presidential contender Horace Greenly could best be described as a Answer liberal Republican. Question 8 Why were most teachers in Freedman’s Bureau’s schools black in 1969? Volunteers faced Southern white hostility and difficult teaching conditions. Question 9 In the years after the Civil War, many freedmen ended up working as Answer farmers under a sharecropper system. Question 10 Andrew Johnson was a strong supporter Of States’ rights.

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Andrew Johnson narrowly avoided conviction on impeachment charges because Answer omen Republicans feared that removal would set a bad precedent for using impeachment as a political weapon against the presidency. Which of the following issues indicated the growing split between Congress and Andrew Johnson? Answer the extension of the life of the Freedman’s Bureau Which of the following was not an important condition for Reconstruction among radical Republicans? Answer planters had to be disowned. What won the support of congressional moderates for the Radical program?

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