An Evaluation of the Successes and Failures of Reconstruction Assignment

An Evaluation of the Successes and Failures of Reconstruction Assignment Words: 364

These included acquirement for Southern states to be readmitted into the Union. These acts created five military districts in the South, each commanded by a general and policed by soldiers. Another success was the expansion of both Northern and Southern economy. Both areas were able to flourish exponentially with the help and support of their newly reunited counterparts. Industries boomed, more new products were on the market than ever before, and trade with other countries increased. Numerous laws were passed during the Reconstruction period regarding the rights of freedmen.

The Freedman’s Bureau was one notable organization out of many that helped ex-slaves acquire property, education, healthcare, and other benefits. The Civil Rights Act of 1 866 granted citizenship and equal rights to all male persons in the U. S. “without distinction of race or color, or previous condition of slavery or involuntary servitude. ” The “Reconstruction Amendments” were also passed during this time. They included the Thirteenth, Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments, which abolished slavery and declared African Americans equal to whites.

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This period of Reconstruction was also a failure because it did not ensure equal rights for blacks and whites. With the removal of troops from the South in 1877, Southerners failed to maintain humane treatment of African Americans and objected strongly to the former slaves’ new role in society. Acts of violence from terrorist groups like the ASK kept African Americans and white Republicans form voting, and gradually caused the demise Of the radical Republican governments.

The UK Klux Klan Act Of 1871 was Congress’ attempt to end the terrorism, intimidation, and violence that he ASK had been using but it ultimately failed to eradicate the Klan or abolish use of fear tactics and brutality against blacks and supportive whites. Overall the Reconstruction era was beneficial for the reintegration of the Southern states into the Union and it did have numbered successes. On the contrary, it failed in multiple ways and did not fulfill its purpose of ensuring equal rights for freed slaves. Both good and bad results came out of the Reconstruction era, therefore it cannot be classified as either a success or a failure.

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