Three Reconstruction Plans Assignment

Three Reconstruction Plans Assignment Words: 400

The bill stated that 50 percent of a state’s voters in the election of 1860 take an oath of allegiance to the U. S. To be readmitted into the Union. Many congressional Republicans thought Lincoln plan was too mild, this bill was stricter and the Radicals thought it would lessen the chance of re- enslavement of the blacks. The third and last plan was Andrew Johnny’s Reconstruction Proclamation. Johnson agreed with Lincoln on most things in plan, such as it should be 10 percent of the voters. He thought the process of the south joining back in to the Union should be quick and easy, but his plan as more severe.

It disenfranchised all former Military and Civil officers of the Confederacy and all those who owned property worth 20,000 or more and made their estates up for confiscation. His intent was to shift power in the South from the old planter aristocracy to small farmers and artisans. In 1865 Johnson put his plan into operation. Southern states held conventions that voided or repealed their ordinances of secession, abolished slavery and repudiated Confederate debts. Johnson was less generous to the former slaves than Lincoln was.

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He did not call for enfranchisement of those who revered in the Union Army and disenfranchised former Confederates. Both Lincoln and Johnny’s plan sought a quick readmission process. Lincoln maintained that the political leadership of the south had succeeded. The Optical Republicans believed in a punitive Reconstruction plan that would also guarantee the rights Of blacks. The republicans in congress wanted to enfranchise black and provide economic aid in the south for two main reasons, to keep blacks in the south so they would no harm or compete with whites in the north, and to create a center for the Southern Republican party.

Reconstruction ended in the late 1 CSS, in some ways it was a success and in others it was a failure. It expanded Capitalism, temporarily led to the division of one political party, the breakdown of another, and had moving forces that would have a long-term affect for the Nation. The Reconstruction Plan that seemed the most logical was Lincoln 10 percent plan. He knew since the government was divisible, secession was impossible, and he did not exclude people like Johnny’s plan, and wasn’t partial like the Republicans who sought to only look out for white northerners.

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