Influenced the conclusion of the cold war Assignment

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After two previous General Secretaries, Geographer became the leader Of the Soviet Union. Following previous instances where Geographer proved he could handle the job, such as leading a crisis-management team and handling meetings with British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, he was determined to improve the Soviet economy. He appointed the best-suited government candidate to each of their positions once he took over and made a few moves to begin his reconstruction of the economy, like raising the drinking age from eighteen to twenty-one due to its negative affects in the economy and culture as a whole.

This was also when e began making proposals to eliminate all nuclear weapons. He met in 1985 with President Reagan at Geneva to discuss what should be done about the arms race. In order to emphasize his desire for peace, he removed several thousand troops from Afghanistan in 1986. In June of 1987, the Supreme Soviet enacted into law Geographer’s reform program. This allowed for experimentation with free markets. That summer Geographer went into seclusion and wrote Perestroika, which dealt with the ways that other countries handled their economies. With this attempt at new ideas, Geographer made new rivals, Yelling and Legacies. He visited

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Washington in December of 1 987 to further discuss the removal of nuclear weapons, and agreed with Reagan on the INFO treaty that would eliminate two categories of nuclear weapons. Reagan spoke to Geographer about opening up his society to free ideas and travel, and this fueled the human rights reform is the Soviet Union. After all of Geographer’s attempts to peace, some felt uneasy with his ways, and in 1988, conservative Communists led by Legacies tried to overthrow him but failed. Geographer made a speech to the U. N. December of 1988 to express his ideas and beliefs about a time ahead of them when the Cold War was no longer happening.

He also stated that he would cut his military forces by five-hundred thousand men by 1990 and remove six tank divisions from Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and East Germany. In conclusion, Geographer did much more for the peaceful attempt to remove nuclear weapons in the world, therefore, influenced the end of the Cold War. Reagan, in contrast, kept the SAID threat alive throughout most of the period in which Geographer was attempting to come to an agreement about the removal of nuclear weapons, and as a result, it made Reagan seem less reasonable than Geographer during this time of hostility and tension.

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