Ronald Regan and the cold war Assignment

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They didn’t even had enough to eat. “Right now we are hearing of strikes and labor disputes because people aren’t getting enough to eat. They have diverted so much to military (spending) that they can’t provide for the consumers need. “6 One of Reggae’s most controversial defense projects was the SAID. The SAID was his visionary project. It was supposed to create an anti-missile defense system, which should remove a threat of the Soviet Union’s nuclear power. “He was also horrified by the prospect of nuclear war.

Reagan was convinced that American technology could produce an invulnerable space shield that would protect the civilian population from nuclear annihilation. “7 Many experts and scientists doubt the feasibility of missile defense; however the main effect of that project was to show U. S technological superiority over the Soviet Union. This should lead to the Soviet Union giving up the arm race. One of Reggae’s most successful policies which helped to bring the fall of communism was the enormous support for the??’ enunciated” in Afghanistan.

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The enunciated were scholastic “holy warriors”, who were fighting against the Soviet forces in Afghanistan. Through the CIA he secretly send billions of dollars to them, supported them militarily and in 1986 he provided them with “portable surface-to air Stinger missiles. To convince Reagan to supply the munched with the Stingers that became so crucial to their cause. “8 This was a very effective way and led to the great Soviet air losses. The U. S supported the munched in Afghanistan with the total amount of about 1 lion $ per annum.

For the Soviet Union however, the war was by far more expensive than for the U. S. The mission of greatly supporting the Scholastic fighters in their “Dacha” against communism weakened the spread of Communism and even helped to bankrupt the Soviet Union. “And it took the realism of Mikhail Geographer, who called Afghanistan a “bleeding wound”, to face the unpopularity of the coasts war at home and finally withdraw Soviet troops. “9 Besides Reggae’s defense policy, he also weakened the Soviet Union with strategic economic moves.

Even though Reagan ended Carter’s rain embargo with the Soviet Union, which in previous years led to a great food shortage in the Soviet Union, he reduced the flow of Western technology to the Soviet Union. “The president sought, for instance, at a February 4, 1981 , cabinet meeting to redeem a campaign pledge and lift the grain embargo that Carter had imposed on the Soviet Union after the invasion of Afghanistan. Furthermore he limited the Soviet Union’s natural gas export to Western Europe.

However, one of his most effective economic policy was to enormously bring down the price of oil in the 1 ass’s. As the Soviet union enormously profited from their oil export, this strongly weakened their economy. Ronald Reggae’s policy towards the Soviet Union Chaw engaged and softened when Geographer became the leader of the Soviet Union. The change in the relations been the IIS and the Soviet Join changed the world. Reagan was greatly determined to reduce arms. As he pointed out” We don’t mistrust each other because we’re armed, we’re armed because we mistrust each other”. 0 Therefore Reagan strongly believed that the distrust of the two nations first had to be eliminated; this would automatically open the or for the desalination of weapons. Reagan stated: “But if we can go on the bias of trust, then those mountains of weapons will disappear quickly as we will be confident that they are not needed. “al President Reagan knew that to establish a better relationship with the Soviet Union, the American foreign policy towards the Soviet Union had to be changed. Instead of having only bureaucracy he demanded a fact to face meeting with the leader of Russia.

Due to deaths of the previous leaders, Geographer came to power. “The president would meet officially with a Soviet leader for the first time. 12 With Geographer Reagan finally had the opportunity to start to form new relationships with the Soviet Union, one that would start with a lessening of tensions between Washington and Moscow, leading to meaningful arms reduction and even establishing a friendship between the two great leaders. “Reagan and Geographer became friends and they changed the world. “13 The first of their meetings took place in Geneva, Switzerland in November 1985.

This meeting was seen on “neutral turf’. In that meeting they began to form a relationship that would improve U. S-Soviet relations. Before that meeting, On the evening of November 14, President Reagan went on national Television so say: “My fellow Americans… In 36 hours I will be leaving for Geneva for the first meeting between an American President and a Soviet leader in six years…. So tonight I want to share with you my hopes and tell you why am going …. The mission stated simple, IS a mission for peace”14 This speech makes it clear that Reggae’s first objective was to bring peace.

Almost a year later, it came to the Second meeting of those two leaders. It took place Reykjavik, Iceland. Geographer and Reagan almost agreed to eliminate all tedium-range missiles based in Europe. However, as Geographer insisted that the U. S should stop their plans for building the space based missiles defense system agreements fell apart. Reagan was not ready, only because of an agreement to give the security of his nation up. The last thing he offered is to share the technology of the defense missile program with the Soviet Union.

Geographer however disagreed and it came to no agreement in that meeting. Many believed that the disappointing outcome of this meeting would mean an end of the Reagan-Geographer relationship. The president himself, forever, proofed them wrong, because he believed that it was really Cockroaches desire to make the world a better and safer place. Reagan directed his team to keep the dialogue going and to see whether the progress made in Reykjavik could be the basis for successful negotiations going forward. This is exactly what happened!

Only 8 months later he called on him with the famous words “Mr.. Geographer, tear down this wall”, referring to the Berlin wall dividing East and West. At the end of 1 987, it came to a third meeting this time in Washington. In that meeting the two leaders signed the historic INFO treaty. The INFO treaty eliminated all nuclear armed ground launched ballistic and cruise missiles, with ranges between 500 and 5000 kilometers. For the first time, the amount of nuclear arms was actually being reduced rather than only limited.

Reagan had achieved his goal of limited nuclear danger. “For the first time in History, the U. S and the Soviet Union had agreed to eliminate an entire class of nuclear weapons” 15 At the next meeting in spring 1 988, the two leaders signed the now ratified INFO treaty. The last meeting took place in the same year. It didn’t had any significant influence. Many historians call it a “handing off’ of the official relationship, President Reagan and vice president Bush traveled to New York to meet Geographer.

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