Teen Pregnancy and Sex Education Assignment

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The consensus is that sex education is necessary for pre-teen and teenagers to receive information about their bodies, reduce the risk of pregnancy, and disease (Compelling & Brings, 2011). Many states have mandates on the curriculum of sex education and what grades to present the information to the students Jacobson, 2011). On average, students receive sex education in 6th or 7th grade and 9th or 10th grade (Biggs, 2012).

The problem is in between the two short periods of sex education: students receive a large amount of misinformation, pressure from others to perform sex, and too long of a time between sex education courses to reinforce safe sex practices. To improve sex education, to make it better and more effective requires teaching sex education each year throughout middle and high school rather than two times in the seven years, leaving the students are at higher risk of being pregnant.

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The process to make sex education better for students and parent’s in the middle school, and high school is to increase the frequency of presenting the information to he students. It also requires a thorough presentation of all sex education topics related to what the students need to make an informed decision about sex and safe sex practices (Compelling & Brings, 2011). Research in education has demonstrated that students need to have the information presented to them often to obtain all the information in a systematic manner.

The frequent access to accurate information allows them to build upon previous knowledge to understand issues that are more teen years are still learning about their changing bodies, need time to understand he information presented and its application in their situation. Then when the changes are taking place, changes in their perception of the opposite sex, and pressure to date begins, these students need to have more information to address these situations to make informed decisions (Compelling & Brings, 2011).

The intent is not to develop a debate over abstinence, abortion, or other highly emotionally charged topics within sex education, but to present information to the students often enough to remain in the forefront of their thoughts when presented with an opportunity to choose to have sex. Whether the decision is to hold off on having sex or if they choose to have sex with the proper information and protection, the student should have the information necessary to make an informed decision (Compelling & antes, 2011). In 2012, 20 states and the District of Columbia mandated sex and H. I. V. Education in the school Jacobson, 2011).

Twelve states only require H. I. V. Education only, which excludes teaching about the risks of pregnancy and the effects of pregnancy on the mother and child in young females Jacobson, 2011). The lack of sex education as a part of the learning process in the middle and high schools affects the growth and development of the whole student. Parent’s, students, and schools need to see the benefit of sex education in its most complete manner with repetition each year the child is in the middle and high schools will increase the amount of accurate information and thereby decrease the risk of pregnancy and disease to students.

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