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Jesus and Mohammed Paper By Paula Mckenney Axia College of University of Phoenix This comparison of Jesus and Mohammed and the chart will show the difference between the both of them. It will also show the difference between the way they lived, who had the greater authority, teaching and the miracles they had for the people whom they lived with. It will also show how they got along with and who had the greatest power between the both of them.

The differences between the both of them were like night and day. I will prove the comparison of the impact of each person had on his respective religion. It will also describe the ways each individual was or is worshiped. It show their messages are being carried out in the world today. So, as you read on you will see the difference between them and all they had done. Here is the chart that will show the different lives they have led. JesusMuhammad

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Death| Jesus died and rose from the dead| Muhammad dies and stayed dead. | Hearing from God| Jesus went to the desert to be tempted and began his ministry| Muhammad heard God(supposedly through n angel) he cowered, was uncertain, and wanted to commit suicide| Identity| Jesus claimed to be the way of life| Muhammad claimed to be a man| Killing| Jesus never killed any one| Muhammad killed many| Life| Jesus had the power to take life, but never did.

Jesus restored it| Many people died in Muhammad presence, he killed them| Marriage| Jesus never married any one| Huhammad had over 20 wifes even a nine year old| Ministry| Jesus received his calling from God directly| Muhammad allegedly received it from and angel(Gabriel)| Miracles| Jesus has performed many miracles including healing people, claming a storm with command, and raising people from the dead. | Muhammad only alleged miracle was the Quran| Copy Right: Matthew J. Slick (1995-2008) Jesus is worshiped through a lot of people they listen to him and believe that he is God.

Jesus also constrained people by Love, Faith, Deliverer, word of God. Jesus also said” Believe and Live” and no one should be without love. Jesus has done so many things for his people and clearly demonstrated greater authority, teaching, and miracles and Muhammad ever did. Also he had claimed to be divine, performed many miracles, said he alone was the truth, raised people from the dead, and rose from the dead himself and Muhammad never did anything like that. Jesus is worshiped by the people and they believed that he is the one to help them learn and make the right choices in their life.

Jews believe that there is one God who not only created the universe, but with whom every Jew can have an individual and personal relationship. They believe that God continues to work in the world, affecting everything that people do. The Jewish relationship with God is a covenant relationship in exchange for the many good deeds that God has done and continues to do for the Jewish people. The Jews keeps God’s laws, and the Jew seek to bring holiness into every aspect of their lives. (BBB- religion and Ethnics- Jewish beliefs) Jewish faith and God.

Muhammad wrote a book explaining the book to them the history and origins of their religion. The main purpose of this book was to show that Mohammed on the basis of his own experience and with the help of a few others, fabricated a new religion dedicated to the one only God, Allah, with special honor for the prophet, namely, himself, whom he placed above, Jesus Christ, Abraham and Moses. In the first chapter in his book (which there is 5 ch. ) talks about his history of the of himself up to the age of forty which he lived a rather a decent life with one wife.

After her death he married twelve women: he also had many concubines. Once he started his religion he fell into a life of sensuality; he engaged in robbery, murder and cruelty to his enemies. And because of the hostility against him in Mecca, he was forced to move to Medina where he was more successful in gaining followers. If you did agree with him it meant it would be peaceful, but if you didn’t agree it meant you would be killed or made an oppressed subject to pay exorbitant taxes. Because of this book he ran the world in Medina, he was cruel to everyone that didn’t agree with him. J. L. Menezes (1912/2005)

Jesus on the other hand was a leader and cared about people. He preached Faith, he conquered his enemies with another kind of sword, the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God. Christ was a giver of life he also wanted peace in the world. Jesus is still doing his work as of today and still going strong. People still believe in him, still going to church to get saved. I do believe that his practices are still being preached in today world since the economy is so bad and people need to believe in God to get by and have some where to go like church to believe that this world will get better soon.

We all need to have someone in our life to believe in and need our families just as much. But sometimes our family thinks differently than we do and that’s ok. I also believe that God helps us in mysterious ways and will always come through for his family. He has always does. In the bible it says that Jesus is a great leader and loves everybody he has created no matter what they have done in the past. He loves everyone the same and always has. No one person is perfect or there wouldn’t be any room for improvement.

Mohammed has claimed that there was one God and that was Allah, that wasn’t true or maybe in his world. But, I do believe that his religion is not still being preached today. Who would want to believe in something that people has to kill people if they don’t believe in the things he was preaching. He did have people killed and spread his religion through the war and then married a young nine year old and had relations with her, and taught hatred of Jews and Christians.

I really don’t think this is still going on or Im just not paying attention to this. I think that the difference between God and Mohammed is quite different and I also think that we can all see who the better person was and still is as of today and always be. Jesus died for us and anyone who would do that can’t be a bad person after all he went through for his family. But on the other hand, Mohammed is a terrible person and has always been one since the age of forty and can never hurt anyone else again, I believe he is dead by now of course.

All he did was to hurt and kill people and terrorized them until they believed in him. So, Mohammed has to kill people in order to get what he wants people out of people, and do what he says and believes in or else. That’s not the way to live or want to live. But some people didn’t have a choice at the time. Refercences Menezes J. L. 1912/2005 http://www. ignatius. com/Magazines/hprweb/bk Slick, Mathew J. 1995/2008 Http://www. carm. org/islam/Jesus Zeller George and Nattan Steve http://www. balaams-ass. com/alhaj/compare. htm

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