Tuesdays with Morrie Assignment

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I read the assignment in the syllabus, I was disgusted. I didn’t want to read a book, and I didn’t honestly plan to do so. I mentioned my frustration to my roommate. When she asked what book, I told her. It turned out she owned her own personal hardcover copy of Tuesdays with Morris. I took the book, and read the first couple pages. The first couple of pages turned Into the first couple of chapters. I ended up reading the book in record time. When I finished reading It, I went and ended the movie as well.

Then I went back to the syllabus. ” Read the book, and write a reflection paper on it. ” That’s a pretty broadly stated assignment I thought. At first, this bothered me and I didn’t know where to start, but now I am relieved that I have that kind of freedom in writing this paper. I am not going to sit and report on what the book contains as far as plot. That would make this a report and not a reflection. As I think back to the book, many things go through my head.

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First, I think of Mitch, then Morris, and then I think of the many parallels between this story and my own relationship with a close teacher of the past. Mitch Album proves In this book that he has beautiful writing skills. At first I cried, and couldn’t bare the thought. He had always inspired me to be a teacher, but now for a different reason then before. At one point in time while reading the book, I stopped mid-sentence, pulled out a piece of lined paper, and rote a letter to my eighth grade teacher, who was a friend of my father.

When I finished the book, I began to wonder what I would do when my teacher of life lessons died. The start of the book to the finish, he walks the reader through his own meetings with Morris. He appreciated silence, food, and dancing among many other things. As far as the interpersonal communication that can be observed through this book. There is an awful lot to mention. There was an extremely effective amount of indirect communication between Mitch and myself, the reader.

Because of the effect on me, another set of communication took place between my teacher and me. His philosophy was that you must learn to die before you know how to live. He appreciated life and all the little things in it. Even though I dreaded this assignment when I first received it, I have come to appreciate it and be thankful for it. The reader Is pulled in wanting to hear the next life lesson. Then I realized that I have the chance to do what Mitch did.

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