College Level Writing vs Casual Writing Assignment

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College Level Writing Vs Casual Writing College level writing is expected to be clear and to the point. Often it is expected to cite supporting literature and conform to certain other content and format requirements. College level writing is more formal than most of your daily writing. Casual writing is writing as you go writing as you’d speak, rather than however you typically choose to portray yourself on paper. Casual writing, sentences must be short and direct. The formality of format and structure is gone.

Writing is not my favorite thing to do unless it’s love letters or a daily journal. When it comes to writing a paper or an essay I’m not as excited or eager to write. I have some problem with writing a great paper or essay, such as, understanding the assignment and editing/proofreading the assignment. In order to understand the assignment more I will underline or highlight the questions I need to address in my writing; circle keywords that emphasize the type of writing that I will need to do, such as analyze, evaluate, propose, describe, identify, and so on.

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Ask the instructor about something I don’t understand or need to be clarified. Also, I will not wait until the assignment is due date is near to ask questions. When it comes to editing /proofreading I will read the paragraph from bottom to top and instead of reading the sentence from left to right I will read it from right to left. By doing this it will help me to slow down and consider each word separately.

Then I will take a break from the paper because after working on the paper for a long period of time can affect the way I read the paper. I will read my paper out loud because this can help me catch both grammatical errors and awkward organization or development of ideas. Then I will have someone to read back out loud to me so that I will be able to tell what doesn’t make sense. I already know how to use the word processing software on a computer so this will not be too big of a challenge for me.

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