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Writing Sample Today started a new semester at my college and my class was English 101 . I’m a very talkative person normally, but if you’re going into a new class with a new teacher you tend to be skittish and shy. Today Just happened to be one of those days for me. I had seen her before but I didn’t know her very well to know what kind of teacher she was going to be so I didn’t want to start off on the wrong foot with my new teacher on the first day.

I talked to my friend Laura for a little while before class actually got started. As soon as she stood up in front of the class and started to introduce herself I became silent. I listened to her as she told the class who she was, went over the syllabus, and went over how to work blackboard. She asked some question about some question we had to answer on a piece of paper and I answered only maybe two times then went back to remaining silent. She then began to go over our homework assignment called a writing sample.

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When she gave us the slips of paper that told us the form to write in she proceeded to tell us what we would be writing about. She said, write about a time you were silent. Most of us laughed especially me because I’m usually never silent. After class a couple of my peers asked her what to write about if we were never silent and I giggled and said, “I’m never silent”. Mrs.. Rely laughed and began to tell us about how we were silent today during class, so I decided to write about today.

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