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According to Lou Holtz “Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it. ” I dread writing, whether it is academic or not. Whenever I pick up a pen to starts writing something, I get queasy. For example, the worst punishment someone can ever give me is a writing assignment. It has been like that ever since I learned how to write. The three main reasons I hate writing is because it has been a challenge for me, I lack confidence in y own potential, and I find it very hard to express my thoughts on paper.

The first reason why I dislike writing is because it has always been a challenge for me. I remember back in ninth grade, my English teacher assigned us an essay about smoking. That day, I went home, sat on my bed, chewed on my pen cap, and started writing. I finished in one day, an essay that I had a week to complete. When the due date came, I was very nervous because I though my teacher was not going to like the essay, and I was right. She said that my essay made her want to start smoking, and that I will never make it out in the real world with writing skills like that.

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She crushed me. Unlike most people, I did not cry but from that day forward, I truly believed that I am a horrible writer. The second reason why I dislike wring is because I have a lack of confidence in my own potential. Although I have great knowledge of what I am supposed to talk about, but there is this voice in the back of my mind that making me doubt myself. For example, “the voice is telling me to gives up. I second guess myself after every word. I gets afraid of making grammar mistakes and I lose all hope in writing a successful paper.

Finally, the third reason why I am not a fan of writing is that I find it difficult to express my thoughts on paper. For example, writing takes a lot of thinking process. As a result it gets very hard for me to get my point across. I would start writing and before I know it my mind is traveling to a new place where the topic in focus is everything but the assigned topic. Furthermore, I get frustrated asily when I cannot get back to my original ideas and finish what I had started.

Nonetheless, I am still not a fan of writing and it is because it has always been a challenge for me. I have a lack of confidence in my own potential, and I find it difficult to express my thoughts on paper. I come to understand that having a positive attitude is key to be successful in life. I also understand how important it is to be able to write effectively in the medical field. By have a great English teacher as Mrs. Martin, so I think that I can overcome these problem.

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