Diagnostic Writing: My Strengths and Weakness Assignment

Diagnostic Writing: My Strengths and Weakness Assignment Words: 451

Diagnostic Writing According to the list of habits of mind, I feel that my two strengths are openness and creativity. Being willing to consider new ways of being/ thinking in the world and the ability to use resources for ideas have played a large role in my writing knowledge. However, I do feel as if I should focus more on persistence because I tend to have a hard time staying focused on a topic for a long period of time. I feel that openness is very important because being open to new ways of being and thinking allows you to write from many different viewpoints and reminds you to consider those viewpoints when writing a paper.

In my past, it’s helped me tremendously when writing a bias essay. Instead of only considering my own ideas, I was also aware and open to other ideas and approaches toward that same topic. Openness is a very important habit to have because without it essays could be bias, dry, and boring. It’s a great habit to have because not only does it help when writing but it can also help in the real world. For example, an inventor needs to have an open habit of mind when making things they want to sell; they have to think about how people will feel about it and if theyre willing to purchase it or not.

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I also think that creativity is another important habit of mind to have because being able to use novel resources to pull out and investigate ideas plays a big role in higher level writing. IVe recently gained this habit from previous writing classes and it’s helped bring out a lot more ideas and allowed me to respond correctly to other essays. Without creativity it would be hard to respond to other essays and other ideas. One habit of mind in particular that I think I need to work on is persistence. I tend to get very bored with a topic over a long period of time and end up procrastinating.

Then procrastination causes me to change my mind a lot when writing. That being said, hopefully this course will help me be more persistence during the assignments that take a long period of time to complete. In conclusion, I feel that all the habits of mind are very important. My strengths are openness and creativity. I feel that being creative allows me to be more open to situations and ideas. My weakness would have to be persistence because over a long period of time, I tend to get bored with the topic and want to move one. Diagnostic Writing: My Strengths and Weakness By dond94

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