English literature book report for the third standard – Assignment

English literature book report for the third standard – Assignment Words: 364

Children who are studying in the third standard do not have the capability to understand tough poems. Thus the English literature curriculum includes stories and small plays so that kids can understand what is written. If your child has been given a book report assignment, you need to help him with the writing tasks. First of all, have a look at what the teacher demands. Every book report has a certain question statement which needs to be followed for the report. This question statement helps you with the content depth. Do you need to cover information in detail? It is obvious that you would not have to cover a lot of detail if your child is studying in the third standard. Thus, focus on the basic areas only.

As a parent, you do not have to write the entire report for your child. Instead, you need to assist him in such a way that his report writing skills can be developed. There are few common stories taught in the third standard. One of them is Peter and the wolf. What does this story talk about? On an overall scale, the story tells about a boy who ventures out of his house when a wolf is grazing outside. Hence, a lot of trouble is created for him. In addition to that, his parents warn him a lot of times but he fails to understand their point. As a result of this carelessness, the wolf harms him. A lot of other similar books are taught in the third standard as well so that the kids can understand the construction of different story plots.

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A book report has two main purposes. One is to provide the overall view of the story so that the reader is not completely unaware of what he would be reading. There is another purpose attached as well. Through a report, the advantages and disadvantages related to the book are highlighted. If the book contains a lot of disadvantages or negative factors, the reader would not be interested in reading it. However, the deductions which would be presented in the report should be neutral and not biased.

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