Assignment: Literacy Narrative Assignment

Assignment: Literacy Narrative Assignment Words: 361

In this first essay, you will be writing a what is known as a Literacy Narrative. You can approach this assignment in numerous ways, provided that you examine a specific moment in your own development as a reader and/or writer the only catch being that this has to be an experience you can revisit in some way (i. E. , a book you can re-read, or an essay, story, poem, etc. That you wrote that you can still find a copy of to read).

You could explore the issue from any number of perspectives the first mime you read a book that you really enjoyed or the first time you felt good about something you wrote, or, on the other hand, the point when you realized you hated reading or when you became discouraged about writing (or when you decided you weren’t interested enough to try). The overall goal of the essay in other words, the thesis that you” be illustrating throughout is to communicate why this experience impacted you in the way it did and how you view it now, long after it happened.

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Has your view, or memory, of the situation changed Why or why not How does the experience still affect you as a reader or writer Note that this is not just a personal story don’t just write about what happened, but about how you think it affects you and/or whether you think your memory of the situation is still accurate. Regardless of which approach you take, your essay should satisfy the basic requirements of the assignment, as described below. Evaluation The essay contains a sophisticated level of reflection upon the experience and its impact on your personal literacy.

There is a clear thesis/ direction for the essay that is apparent by the end of the introduction, and which s developed in the subsequent portions of the essay. Discussion and description are precise and relatable the essay speaks in concrete terms about concrete events, rather than vaguely or about abstract ideas that the reader may or may not be able to visualize or understand.

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