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How would I describe myself as a writer? Well, I definitely know I need improvement. I feel I need focus in order to develop better discipline and organization towards my writing skills. When I am faced with the task of writing, I find it both difficult and challenging especially from a creative aspect. Typically the bulk of my writing over the past several years have been in the work environment. Processing emails, client letters, and documenting client files. I did change Jobs recently marketing my skills in a persuasive format.

I did this by writing resume and cover letter. I also do some blobbing for a sideline business. This is mostly descriptive pictures linked to products for sale with details of the items. I find the inspiration for the blobs by finding pictures from our website. I also look to other floggers since I find creative blocks of my own. With that said, I have been known to follow up this blob with Backbone posting and Google posts. Unfortunately I am not consistent with these social media outlets due to time restraints. I have also recently started a journal. I document my personal, positive thoughts and feelings primary for myself.

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When it comes to writing I am my own worst critic. I tend to procrastinate. I realize I could be better organized and clearer with my thoughts. My positive outlook, however, on my writing is that sometimes I do have a creative flow and truly enjoy writing because the accomplishment I feel once completed. When I find a topic of interest me, I love to do research on it! I feel I can correct, organize, and finalize a paper well, but there is always room for improvement. There are two ways I typically start off writing a paper. I am trying to avoid the first way, when I Jump right in and Just start writing!

You can call it “Winging It”. This type of writing, I feel, makes my paper disorganized and hard to follow. The second way is having a plan of attack. First I read the instructions and details of the assignment. Then I research example style papers and formats. I start the structure of my papers rough draft with the introduction followed with an outline. I will have two or three drafts before I submit a paper. When I receive a writing assignment my first instinct is to put it off as long as possible. I truly have to coax myself to complete the assignment before the deadline.

I cringe at the thought of writing 500-700 words constructively but yet look at this as a challenge. My hopes is that with this course I will overcome some obstacles I have with writing, structure and otherwise, learning to focus on better organization skills, grammar and sentence structure. I Know Tanat excellent writing Skills are essential to canceling my goals . Winter It De my future academic progress or Job skills. I am hopeful I can take from this course positive and constructive criticism to help me form better ways to write in the future and enjoy writing whether it be for school, work or even pleasure.

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