How to make assignment creative

How to make assignment creative Words: 902

Challenges of creative writing

For sure, it is not as simple as one may expect. Even the most professional writers sometimes need a little inspiration to keep their minds sharp.

Professors often give students creative assignments to challenge them to look at the world around in a slightly different way. Creative writing is aimed, first of all, at capturing one’s thought and feelings.  In comparison to other types of assignments, there are no strict rules to follow while practicing creative writing. Hence, knowing what the creative writing is, how to make your assignment creative, and the set of strategies, you will have no problems with practicing it on a daily basis.

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While being a creative writer has a lot of advantages, it also has its own challenges one should remember. Below are some of the main challenges you may experience while making your assignment creative.

  • Writer’s Block

Have you ever faced the feeling that it is very difficult to start writing? You may just have no ideas of what to write.  The first solution is to take some rest. Probably, you are to stressed out to write effectively. Also, you may try reading the creative articles published in your favorite journal. They may inspire you and give you fantastic ideas.

  • Lack of Confidence

Lack of Confidence is the second popular challenge when it comes to creative writing. You may feel that your “creative” and “unique” ideas are not good enough to appeal to the readers. However, you will never go so far unless you are confident of what you write about. When you are confident about your writing skills, others feel it, so you should never be afraid to start!

  • Lack of rest

In case you feel that your productivity is low, do not hope that you will succeed in your creative writing. To make your mind work, you need enough time to sleep. The more rest you take in a day, the better your results will be.

How to make assignment creative?

When it comes to writing the essays that are aimed at defining students’ creativity and unique style of writing, most of the learners have the question “How to make my assignment creative?” The following ideas will be helpful for anyone who struggles to come up with the very first line. They will assist you in writing in case you get stuck. Also, they will engage your imagination and help you to make the readers interested.

  • Experiment with structure

You should not follow directly the structure of standard writing that consists of an introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. In fact, most of the students face problems when it comes to writing the introduction that will grasp the attention of the readers. The first mistake is to concentrate on the problem of how to begin creatively. You do not need to spend a lot of time to come up with the right introduction. Even the most experienced writers face this problem from time to time. The effective solution is to write it in the end, only after you have written your body paragraphs. You may also feel so inspired by your writing after the research that the introduction will be for you as simple as possible.

  • Add funny/engaging subheadings

Concentrate on the general look of your paper. In case you feel that the paper needs to be more organized to simplify the reading, you may add engaging or funny subheadings to your paper. Use some rhetorical questions, exclamatory sentence, or a strange combination of words to attract the reader’s attention.

  • Practice free writing

In case the theme is very interesting, you may get ideas about what you want to write all day and, finally, end up writing nothing at all. The reason for it is that you have too many ideas in your head and do not know which to start first. Start practicing free writing or brainstorming strategy without caring about grammar, spelling errors or the choice of words. Keep writing till all ideas from your head are put down on the paper. Then, try to organize these ideas in a standard essay structure, editing and checking errors. You will see how much creative ideas you may actually have.

  • Listen to music without lyrics

When you start your writing process, try to turn on your favorite tunes. It was proved that one’s brain activity is increased at least twice in case it is motivated by the external factors.

  • Find “your” place

To promote your creative writing process, look for the place where you will feel comfort and harmony. Sometimes, going  to a local café or park may help you immensely. Some ideas may come to mind only outside your home or campus. Find “your” environment where you will feel truly relaxed and just do it. Besides, you have to make sure that the place you will find does not disturb your thinking process in any way.

Unfortunately, not every person has a developed creative thinking. Once you find your creative writing potential, you should nurture it. You need to keep practicing it from time to time and discover its different dimensions. You may be surprised with how creative you are!