The adventurous youth travels Assignment

The adventurous youth travels Assignment Words: 299

So I would be able to write as college dent and also as a professional in the corporate world as am a business major student, and obtain all the skills needed to overcome any obstacles and advance my carrier. Writing is the way to interpret your thoughts or even your own self, wither you writing in college or personally and professionally. The way you write and express your thoughts and ideas, will reflect on all your life aspects, and the better ones writing is the clearer the image and the idea or the impression it will leave on others and readers.

To set my goals on writing or to write an academic paper or assignment, I think I’ll start by gathering the information and brainstorming as well as free writing to uncover the main point or the main idea. Then I’ll start constructing the story, organizing my thoughts and details and provide examples to bring out the main point. In addition the Ending has to be meaningful and strong, make sure that idea is clear also maybe give the people or readers something to think about.

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It’s always challenging when o’er writing to or for others to read and evaluate what you have written. Mostly want my audience to understand me through my writings and thoughts and ideas and to know who I am, also want them to get the main idea, the core of the whole subject or issue. I want to present myself clearly and I don’t like to beat around the bush. Basically I want others when they read my writings to see what the purpose is and know why I’m writing to them, and be able to convince and make sense to them.

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