How to write an effective introduction for your assignment

How to write an effective introduction for your assignment Words: 510

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This tutorial will explain that how to write an effective introduction for your assignment. When writing an assignment the introduction works as a roadmap to your whole assignment. It makes the first impression on your readers of your writing. It gives background information on your topic and outlines all the written ideas you are going to present in your paper.

Through your introduction your reader gets to know that you have identified all the major points. And it will be discussed one by one in the following paragraphs. it should be precise and definite which shows your reader that you are organized in words and thoughts. With an excellent introduction you can capture your readers interest and make them want to read the rest of your paper. The following are vital components of an impressive presentation that you must keep in mind while writing your assignment. Your entire paper includes the response to the questions.

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And an introduction is your first step towards the end. In your introduction you define that your article is limited to a particular age, geographic location ,period or something else. It doesn’t mean you have to provide lengthy explanations or definitions. Your readers should be able to identify whether the body paragraphs are organized in a chronological, sequential or thematic manner through your introduction. The writing process can be an important way to think about complicated issues. Organize your ideas, clarify your thoughts and make a sophisticated argument. If you are more comfortable writing your introduction first make sure to return your initial introduction later and edit it if necessary. If the topic is technical then open with something captivating and write:

  • a tempting quotation closely related to your argument;
  • a compelling example;
  • an evocative and unexpected reminiscence;
  • a puzzling structure;
  • a thought – a rousing question.

Make sure that the first sentence of your introduction says something useful and in a pleasing and refined away. Your introduction size must convey some relationship to its length and complexity of your paper.

The introduction can be effectively written in just one paragraph covering 1/2 to 3/4 of the first page. iIf your introduction is longer than that taking more than one paragraph, then be sure you know why. A 15 to 20 page paper may call for two page introduction, but not a 5 pic . Find an astonishing statistic that adorns the seriousness of the problem you will present. Mention a common misinterpret that your thesis will argue against. Make sure to provide background information that is necessary to understand the essay .

Things to avoid in your :

  • don’t use dictionary definitions, especially of words that your audience is already aware of;
  • avoid repeating the assignment statement – using your professors wordings;
  • don’t mention details and thorough explanation that you must use in your body paragraph similarly.