How to write your name in assignment

How to write your name in assignment Words: 843

Writing an assignment requires knowing different nuances, such as formatting, structuring, referencing and others. Naturally, when an assignment is ready, the student should sign his work. But where to put name on assignment? In this article, you will find the answer to this and other questions.

First, let us take a closer look at what an assignment is and after we will find out where to write name in assignment. It is simple if you comprehend several vital rules.

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An assignment is an original report, that presents and describes experimental results, new knowledge or experiences based on facts, findings, conclusions, and arguments. Its purpose is to share and contrast these results with the rest of the thoughts about the topic, and once validated, they can be incorporated as a bibliographic resource to the availability of the interested parties.

The assignments have a range of characteristics, among which are:

  • An assignment explores some problem.
  • The results showed in an assignment are valid and reliable (they must not necessarily be experimental, they can also be theoretical).
  • An assignment usually consists of 4-5 pages accompanied by graphics, tables and occasionally photographs and drawings.
  • An assignment must meet key criteria of writing.
  • An assignment must have clarity and precision. It is necessary to use an appropriate language and vocabulary.
  • It must be brief and concise.
  • It should have an appropriate style
  • It should be compatible with ethics.

Structure on a college assignment

An assignment is usually structured as follows:

  • Title: it must be short, concise and clear. It is recommended that it is written after writing the core of the paper (introduction, main body, and conclusions). The titles can be informative or indicative;
  • Introduction: the short description of the problem highlighted in the assignment;
  • Main body: the evaluation of the arguments and thoughts of the writer;
  • Conclusions: a general description of the main points that were developed in the main body of an assignment.

Where and how to write name on a college assignment?

The name in assignment is usually written on the first page, where the title of the work is placed.

When signing the work, you should start with the last name followed by a comma and then write the first name. Complete this part of the entry with a period. If you need to list 2 authors, add “and” between the two names. If there are more than 2 authors of the paper, you should write the name of the first one only and add the phrase “et al.”

After the names are written, you should write the title of the article. Enclose the title in quotation marks and put a dot before closing the quotation marks.

There are also some rules of formatting the text in the assignments, so let’s see exactly how to write your name in assignment.

The general formatting of academic assignments follows the rules written below:

  • Paper size: A4 (21.0 cm x 29.7 cm);
  • Margins: 3cm upper and left, 2cm lower and right (It is quite easy to remember these patterns because at the top of the page there will be the numbering of the pages and on the left side there should be space left for binding);
  • Font: Arial or Times (but different colleges can require specific fonts);
  • Font color: black;
  • The body of the text font size: 12 pt;
  • 10 pt font size for Long quotes, footnotes, subtitles, pagination;
  • Line spacing 1.5 for all body of the text and 1.0 for direct quotes (more than 3 lines), footnotes, legends of special elements (graphics, figures, tables, and tables), bibliographic references;
  • First-line indentation of paragraphs: 2 cm.

There are also special formatting rules for titles and subtitles. The titles are separated from the main text with a space of 1.5 (but this rule is flexible between colleges). The indications for highlighting these elements are written in bold, italics, capitals and underlining. Thus, each college may adopt its own criteria for it as well.

One should also pay attention to the formatting of the numbering of titles and subtitles. The numbering is usually done in Arabic numerals and separated from the text by a blank space (and not a dot at the end of the number).

There are also some titles that are not numbered and therefore are centered on the page. They include:

  • Abstract;
  • Lists (figures, graphs, tables, tables);
  • Summary;
  • References;
  • Appendices and Annexes.

Although the rules of formatting are clearly defined, each college usually set their own standards for the assignments, which can have small variations of the standard rules. So, before submitting your assignment, make sure you follow all the rules of formatting.

Now you know how to write your name on an assignment, so you can finish your work and sign it properly.