How to write a 1000 word assignment

How to write a 1000 word assignment Words: 1201

When you get a task of writing a short assignment, you may probably think it will take a lot of time. However, you can easily create a 1000 word assignment in a day. All you need to do is to plan your work carefully, read some practical tips and start writing. So, let us take a look at how to do a 1000 word assignment and what, to begin with. Besides, read about how to write a 1500 word assignment.

Writing an assignment requires highlighting the author’s position. However, it is not enough just to outline the position itself: it must be done in a procedural way, through particular methods of practical or theoretical research, complemented by some data. When writing the assignment, the author focuses on the main topic and search for related information.

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How long does it take to write a 1000 word assignment? With the right attitude and no procrastination, you can write a 1000 words assignment in a couple of hours, or, in the worst case scenario, during a couple of days.

What are the steps of writing an assignment?

In order to write your assignment quickly, you need to take care of to three things: perception of the problem, quality of the research, and ability to interpret the data. How can you provide all that?

Dominate the theme

It may seem obvious, but many people believe that just a dozen information and data is needed to create a qualitative assignment. However, you need to have full control over the subject. You can try to split the topic into smaller parts and study each part separately. Thus, your knowledge becomes more complete and more organized.

Investigate time in research

Dedicating yourself to the research of the theme and the problem raised will give you enough arguments to write a rich, solid and hard to refute assignment. Do not only search for information in traditional sources like internet or libraries. Look for more interesting sources, for alternative materials (such as films) and various methodologies.

Detail result

It is not enough to present just the results of a tabulated survey. It is necessary to report, for example, the significance and amplitude of the data and even include inferential statistics. However, be very careful to perform only appropriate statistical analysis that is related to the topic of your assignment.

Connect the found data

A golden tip for anyone who is beginning to create scholarly articles is to, before writing the discussion, list the points that were observed during the analysis of the research results. Because the discussion tends to be the hardest part of the article, this will help you to organize ideas better and to determine the connection between them.

Stimulate discussions and conclusions

A good academic article is one that creates debates and directs the reader to the conclusions desired by the author. However, such a step will only take effect if the assignment has the clear structure.

What is the structure of the assignment?

Although the assignments can be elaborated on diverse subjects, there are some basic steps to be followed when building a structure of the paper.

  1. Create an introduction
    Any text addressed to another person, other than literary, should begin with an introduction. In this part, the author superficially exposes the main points that will be discussed later in the text to inform about the main subject of the assignment and to arouse interest in readers.
    The way of writing on this stage varies from author to author. Some prefer to write the introduction only when finalizing the other parts of the article. Others already have a very clear idea of ​​what they will write and therefore write the introduction immediately. There is no rule, as long as the main topic of the assignment is pointed out.
  2. Present the results of the research
    After showing the reader how the data was collected, you should present the data. This step should not contain the author’s value judgment yet. It needs to focus only on the calculation of the data originated by the research performed.
    If the research is based on theory and on the thoughts of other theorists on a given subject, these ideas must be presented without clear evaluations. In this part, you can add the references to the sources used during research. If any statistical research has been done, it is at this stage that the author must present these data. However, the tables and graphs should only illustrate the text and should appear at the end of your paper. You should avoid infographics in your assignment, especially in a very short one.
  3. Discuss the issue based on data
    Finally, it is up to the author of an article to propose a discussion on the topic. This debate should outline the particular positioning, as long as it is based on the results of research.
    In this step, one must analyze the arguments constructed during the research. This can be done through the interpretation of the data and analysis of various aspects highlighted in the research or extracted from other sources.—-However, it is not enough to summarize the topic or state its conclusions. Ideally, the arguments and facts established by the research should be structured so that the reader himself could lead to the conclusion of the author.

There are some practical tips you can keep in mind to expedite the production and elaboration of your assignment. These recommendations will help you improve the overall writing performance of any task which you complete. Here are some of them:

Assignment layout

In general, the layout is defined as a fixed structure. So it is one of the first things you need to set up. In general, the layout is defined as a single column, double spacing, single font such as Times New Roman or Arial, and font size 12.

Do not insert images or graphics in the main body. It is not necessary to use images and graphs within an assignment. If you have any kind of image to illustrate your ideas, they should be attached at the end of the article as separate files.


You can use a review tool to spend less time reviewing everything whenever you are writing. You should also review each part of your paper to make sure your assignment is carefully ordered.

Essential writing tool

The most appropriate tool for writing an assignment is Microsoft Word. It contains all forms of editing and structuring an article. Use the automatic numbering of headers such as H1, H2, H3 whenever necessary. Now you know how to write a 1000 word assignment, and you are ready to start. So, grab a cup of tea and start writing!