How to do a 3000 word assignment

How to do a 3000 word assignment Words: 980

How to research and write a 3000-word assignment in short terms?

As you can mention, the amount of text or the number of words is really important, especially in written assignments. It is a common thing for all students to compose some type of short essays. But sooner or later there comes a time when you need to handle such task as writing a 3000-word paper, that is much more tricky than writing a short text. We also suggest you reading about how to do a 2000 word assignmentWhat if you said everything you wanted to say, but didn’t get the three thousand word assignment? We will teach you to expand the text by adding important content, make a plan, prepare high-quality drafts and edit the text so that it is not a shame to show it for your teachers.


  • First of all, write down all your thoughts in free form. You need to learn how to write down everything that comes into your head, without thinking about the form. This is not the last version of the text, so first, you need to jot down the basic ideas, and then decide how to systematize them. Start with your own convictions, even if the teacher has forbidden you to use the pronoun “I” (he will not see these records!)
  • Secondly, try to draw a diagram. Place the main idea in the center of the page, circle it. There may be something common, for example, the “Second World War”, or something more specific. It is important to highlight the main topic at this stage. Then write related subtopics around the main theme. Try to draw at least 5-6 circles. Write down all the associations that you have with this themes.
  • Now rewrite thoughts more clearly. These thoughts should be clear, deep and complete. To get a 3 thousand word essay, you need to write a maximum of the text at the draft stage, so carefully study the text and paragraph order. What information should I tell the reader first? In what order put the paragraphs to make it more convincing?

The draft

You can use the five paragraph rule. Many teachers insist that the optimal form of presenting an essay is a five-base structure. This structure will help you make your thoughts more expanded. This structure implies the presence of at least three theses and usually looks like this:

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  1. An introduction, description of the topic, a summary of their ideas;
  2. A paragraph describing the first argument.
  3. A paragraph describing the second argument.
  4. A Paragraph describing the third argument.
  5. A brief conclusion summarizing the above.

Insert links and quotes into the text. The words of other people will help you argue your point of view and give more information for analysis. Give the necessary quotes, analyze the importance of the statement, and this will make your text more meaningful and long. Mention opposing points of view and explain why you think they are wrong. It will certainly help you to do a 3000-word assignment without worries.

It is also important to divide the whole process of writing into small tasks. It is much easier to write a 3 thousand words assignment if you do it not immediately. So start working on the essay in advance so that you have enough time to do everything correctly. Strictly speaking, try to write at least 200-300 words every day.

The editing process

  1. Expand quotes. If you have written a great essay, but it still does not reach the required 3000 words, you should not torture yourself – just add more words of others to the text. Take quotes from reliable sources and insert long phrases into the text. In addition, add your explanations and comments to these statements. It is necessary to explain why you use quotes in your assignment. But do not use too many quotes. There should be no more than two or three quoted sentences on one page in long essays.
  2. Add linking words and constructions. When you write enthusiastically about something, you often forget to explain how one idea follows the other. Find such places and separate them with special constructions to make the text easier to read and perceive. You can use linking words, to sum up, your thesis or to make a small introduction to the following argument.
  3. Add meaningful text, not “water.” The worst scores are received not by those who cannot write the necessary 3000 words in their assignment, but by those who cannot develop a thought, connect arguments and convey to the reader what they mean. If you want to increase the volume of the essay, you need to try to do it at the expense of high-quality text. Such unsuccessful techniques include: using several words where one is enough; excessive using of adverbs and adjectives; repeated thoughts; using of “abstruse” words.
  4. Do not be afraid to explain something in too much detail. Many students get annoyed when they see “why?” or how?” on the pages of the notebook because the writing seems to them understandable and obvious. However, if everything is really elementary, it means that you have chosen a too simple. If you write on the complicated topic, there can never be too much explanation in it.

We believe that this article will help you to understand how to write a 3000-word essay in a short time and without being stressful. So now you have a great assignment, don’t you?