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Through lecture, case study, exercises and other action learning activities, students will be challenged to accept their roles as business advisors and to apply ethical principles and sound judgment to resolve contracting issues. Incoming Competencies (Prerequisites) This course is designed for students with a background in Federal recurrent or at a minimum has completed an introductory course in procurement and acquisition management.

Course Objectives Students who successfully complete this course will be able to: Plan procurements (including acquisition planning with a formal source selection plan pursuant to the analysis of market research and the requirements documents and consideration of recurring requirements, government property, competition, contract type, and contract financing); Create a contract (including preparation of a Request for Proposal, evaluation of source selection factors, competitive range determination, discussions, and recessing of a request for final proposal revisions), prepare an award decision, conduct debriefings, and take steps to mitigate and/or resolve protests; and Administer a contract (including administration planning, conducting a post- award orientation, contract surveillance and planning, contract surveillance and quality assurance, financial management, terminations, disputes resolution, and closure). Learns nag Outcomes The student will become familiar with how to work with customers, make sound judgments, conduct market research and develop requirements documents.

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The student should gain a working knowledge of service contracts, how to analyze requirements and determine the appropriate methodology, kind and type of contract required to meet customer needs. Using market research and acquisition planning and other applicable information, students develop, expand and apply knowledge of ace question planning, solicitation, source selection and the evaluation process. Using award documentation, other supporting documentations, research and study, and appropriate resources, students will analyze post award issues and identify available alternatives for resolution. REQUIRED TEXT: The Federal Acquisition Regulation (Current Edition), ACH Incorporated, Chicago, ISBN 0-8080-0939-7, PEN-O-4987-200, or www. GSA. Ova RECOMMENDED READING: Cabin and Nash, Contract Formation, George Washington university Press, (Current Edition), Cabin and Nash, Contract Administration, George Washington University Press, (Current Edition) Course Grading COO RISE REQUIREMENTS: Mid-term and Final Case Studies Technical Support Service Exercise Percent of Grade 15% Weekly/Discussion Assignments 20% Course Activities WEEKLY READING: Each student is expected to read weekly readings/ assignments, answer questions and engage in discussions related to the assignment and submit responses by designated date in the assignment section for that week. Weekly Assignments and Activities: Weekly assignments and activities are assigned by the instructor and are listed in the assignment section and course schedule. The point value for specific assignments can be found in the Course Grading section. Late assignments receive a grade of zero unless prior approval has been granted by the instructor. Case Assignment Submission: Each student is required to submit assignments online in a timely manner via assignment area.

Assignments will be date/time stamped automatically. Please be aware that all assignments in the course use Eastern Time. If the student encounters technical problems contact Webster Support Help Desk at the number provided. If you encounter technical difficulties, the student can submit the case assignments directly to the instructor’s e-mail (jjohnmaryc@aol. Com). Read the following Comptroller General Decisions: 1. Computer Information Specialist, Inc. , B-293049;B-293049. 2, January 23, 2004 and; 2. Future Solutions, Inc. , -293194, February 11 , 2004 3. Information Ventures, Inc. , 8-294267, October 8, 2004. Produce a two page analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of each case.

The paper should be “typed,” doubled spaced and submitted to the WEB assignment area no later than dates in the assignment section. Exercise: Technical Support Services. During Week 1, students will read the exercise; discuss the purchase request document and statement of work; conduct market research using the internet, publications, and yellow pages, etc. , to identify available sources and develop an independent cost estimate ICE) for the services in the Statement of work. Using the Market Research Guide provided and FAR part 10 students will develop a market research report. See sample report in the Market Research Guide. Students may make any assumptions necessary to complete this exercise.

All assumption shall be identified in the Market Research Report. From the Market Research Report and Statement of Work student will develop a cost estimate for the base and option years identified in the solicitation. Students will develop an outline of the top 10 clauses and provisions that would be include in a elicitation and resulting contract. Examinations: Two examinations (i. E. , mid-term and final) will be given. Each examination will cover textbook chapters and required readings and anything in the weekly discussions. Each examination Will consist of four (4) essay questions. The questions for the mid-term and final examinations will be posted.

The answers to the questions in these examinations will be submitted through the Assignments area by the beginning of the sixth week for the Mid-term and the ninth week for the final. No time limit, except the due date, is set for completion of each examination. Students are encouraged to present no more than equivalent of two double-spaced “typewritten” pages for their response to each question. Answers may be typed in word and cut-and-pasted into the answer box for each question. The “norm-reference” method of grading will be utilized. Any student unable to deliver these examinations on the scheduled date (with prior approval of the instructor) can be given a “make-up-exam” at a later date.

A different “make- up-exam” will be given to the student who is unable to meet the date requirements for the original examination. DISCUSSIONS: The students should read the assigned textbook chapters and the required readings each week and be prepared to engage in discussions relative to each week’s discussion topic. Each student will post his/her comments and observations concerning the week’s discussion topic in the “Discussions” section of the Web website for this course. Students are encouraged to engage in an active dialogue with each other about information, activities and required readings. FEEDBACK The student can expect feedback from the instructor for each submitted Assignment, Case Study, and Examination.

The instructor may, from time-to-time, post discussion comments during the period when students post his/her discussion comments. The instructor will do this as a need to direct the discussion into germane and applicable areas. Students’ timely and active participation is critical for realizing a successful online learning experience. Students are encouraged to log onto the course ever day, if possible, to answer question and/or comment on the instructor’s and other students postings. The instructor will provide timely feedback on assignments, cases, examinations, and discussions posting. Except for unforeseen circumstances, the instructor monitors daily the “Discussion” and “Course Mail” sections of the course home page.

Policy Statements ACADEMIC DISHONESTY: Webster University strives to be a center of academic excellence. As part of our Statement of Ethics, the University strives to preserve academic honor and integrity by repudiating all forms of academic and intellectual dishonesty, including cheating, plagiarism and all other forms of academic dishonesty. Academic Dishonesty is unacceptable and is subject to a disciplinary response. See page 29 of the Webster university 2003-2005 Graduate Catalog for a complete description. The University reserves the right to utilize electronic database, such Turning. Com, to assist faculty and students with their academic work.

SPECIAL SERVICES: If you have registered as a student with a documented disability at the Academic Resource Center (ARC) and are entitled to classroom or testing accommodations, please verify with your instructor at the beginning of the class that the instructor has received your accommodations letter from the ARC. If you have a disability and need academic accommodations but have not been documented with the ARC, please contact Barbara Stewart at (314)-968-7495 or stewart@webster. Du. Contacting the ARC to complete DAD documentation is the only way to ensure you may receive reasonable accommodations. Notes This syllabus may be revised at the discretion of the instructor without prior notification or consent of the student. Weekly discussions are open Monday through Friday. Discussion will be closed at the end of each week.

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