Business Law Class Contract Assignment

Business Law Class Contract Assignment Words: 258

Class Contract Please answer the following questions by referring to your Syllabus. Submit your answers in a Word or PDF document and upload your answers in DEL in the Class Contract Assignment . 1. What is the official title of this course? Who is your instructor? Ethical Environment of Business Christen Ditcher, J. D. , 2. Is this an online course, or a face to face course? The course is online and face-to-face 3. Weekly assignments are mandatory. YES or NO Legal and 4. Students will have _4_ tests (excluding the final exam)?

What is each test’s point value? 75 points 5. What is the maximum number of points a student can receive in this class? 1000 6. What is the title of the ethics handbook? Business Ethics: Developing Analytical & Critical Thinking Skills, 7. The final exam is worth how many points? 180 8. What is your official course section? 9. How many special assignment exercises are there to be completed in the business ethics handbook (excluding the Class Contract), and what is the point value of each? 3 assignments, 75 point each 0.

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All homework and tests will be administered through Cyanogens. T or F True 1 1 . All special assignments will be administered through Desirable. T or F True 12. The final exam will be online. T or F False 13. Are late homework assignments accepted? NO 14. Are late special assignments accepted? Until three days after the deadline. 15. What is the grade appeals expectation for students? A students has one week to appeal. Business Law Class Contract By Bengal 2 for this online course and I shall abide by them.

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