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DAD statement Atlanta Metropolitan State College is committed to providing support for all students and making their college experiences an enriching opportunity. In compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, The Office of Disability Services located on the second floor of the Academic Building in room 228 oversees the coordination of services for students with documented disabilities. The Coordinator of Disability Services collaborates with faculty and staff to offer provisions for reasonable accommodations to students who meet the requirements.

Accommodations cannot be provided until a reasonable accommodation plan is in place. To the greatest extent possible, all college representatives shall observe confidentiality. Course Delivery Method Class will meet Mondays and Wednesdays for face-to-face contact at the time appointed above. Additional instruction and assignments may be posted on the Georgia Visitation website [formerly Web] at www. Tall. View. USGS. Deed for your completion and submission weekly; therefore, you are required to log on weekly to look for information about this class.

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You are responsible for posting any assignments on the prescribed due dates online if the instructor so directs. It is your responsibility to sign up/login to Gave, so please get connected by the second week f class. Class Policies Attendance (College-Wide Policy) Addendum to Attendance Policy “Students are ultimately responsible for ensuring that the course(s) in which they enroll are included in the approved degree plan and program map for their program of study. Students must periodically check their enrollment status in this course during the semester.

The student is responsible for determining changes, if any, in enrollment status and taking necessary steps (e. G. Pursuing re-misstatement in this course) following those outlined in the MASC. Catalog. ” Attendance (In-class policy) Students are required to attend class as scheduled. Because class time is limited, and we will be in work mode when class begins, coming in late is a huge distraction. Make every effort to be on time! If you are up to fifteen (15) minutes late, you will be recorded as tardy. After fifteen minutes, you will be recorded as absent, unless I know ahead of time.

That does not mean a message on my phone, because my phone will be turned off during class hours, and I will not be online to get your e-mail either you will be recorded as absent. Usually at that time, we are in a critical state of ending up our lesson, making important announcements, or taking a quiz etc. Thus, I would like the beginning and end of class to be distraction-free. Please be on time and come in an attitude that demonstrates you are prepared to work. Late arrivals and early departures would adversely affect your grade since some in-class assignments will be impromptu, and you will miss participating.

There will be no make-up for these impromptu assignments! Every absence must be accounted for. You will be required to bring proof of extenuating circumstances?e. G. A doctor’s note, court order, or funeral program etc. You will make up missing work at my discretion and such work must be submitted no later than the next class meeting after your return to class. More than 4 absences (except you are hospitalized for more than 4 days) would be cause for report to Academic Affairs to seek your administrative withdrawal from this course.

Also, your grade may be affected by being dropped one letter grade. Class Cancellation Procedure regarding long-term emergency closure of the college In the event of an emergency that forces the college to close for an extended period, students must intact the instructor of this class within 48 hours using the contact information (e. G. , email address) on the syllabus to obtain directions for continuing this course. The instructor will provide directions for the transmission and submission of course assignments and course assessments, including due dates.

The student is responsible for submitting valid, accurate contact information, including an active MASC. email address to the instructor by the end of the first week of the course. Students can obtain an Atlanta Metropolitan State College student email address in he Academic Support Center on the third floor of the Library Building. If the instructor of the course cannot be reached within the specified period of time (within 48 hours), the Dean of the Division responsible for the course can be reached at the email address posted on the college’s website. Withdrawal Students who need to withdraw from class have the responsibility to initiate the withdrawal process. If you fail to withdraw from any class you do not attend, you will receive a grade of F in the course. Go to the following website for information: http:// www. Tall. Deed/current_students/course_withdrawal. HTML. The last day to withdraw without penalty can be found in the Fall Semester 2012 Academic Calendar. As stated in the Atlanta Metropolitan State College Catalog: Plagiarism is a particular form of academic misconduct that will not be tolerated.

It includes copying materials directly from a source and/or using someone else’s work or ideas without acknowledging the source. In short, plagiarism is claiming another person’s words or ideas as one’s own. Essays, term papers, and tests must be the work of the student. If the student uses someone else’s ideas, words, computer program, or other works, the dent must acknowledge the source. Even in an oral presentation, the speaker should give credit to the source of the information.

The college may take other action for plagiarism, such as expulsion. In cases where a student is found guilty of cheating or exhibiting academic misconduct, the instructor may impose a penalty. Types of penalties may include, but are not limited to, the instructor assigning a grade of “F” for the assignment; the instructor not accepting the work; the student being assigned additional work; or the student receiving a grade reduction for the assignment. The maximum penalty the instructor may impose is a grade of “F’ for the course.

Methods of Assessments (Essays/Examinations/Participation) ATTENTION STUDENTS! Assignments are due at the beginning of class on the day prescribed; therefore, bring them to class already printed and stapled. To be efficient in grading and returning your assignments, especially essays, I will not accept any late assignments! If you and I make arrangements for you to submit an assignment late because of a documented absence, then it is due the next class period after your return to class. I will not accept any late assignment beyond that date.

Class Participation here are homework assignments, readings, in- class inquiries and responses, and oral presentations. Essays (60%)?The three essays (20% each) will represent formal writing and will incorporate the skills we will learn in the writing process. You will have an opportunity to explore the rhetorical situations: purpose, audience, context, and point of view. You will also have an opportunity to demonstrate the use of MALL Presentation/Documentation Guidelines and research and citation techniques that are imperative throughout this course.

When your graded essay is returned, you are squired to pay special attention to the comments, so you can make the necessary corrections, review segments of grammar that might pose a problem, or assess if you need to make an office visit to get help before it is time for you to write the next essay. You will be penalized for making the same mistakes in writing that have been addressed in the past. You will be allowed to revise each essay, for which you may have received a failing or unsatisfactory grade.

On the revision, you must do more than correct the grammatical mistakes I have noted on the essay. Merely correcting entente-level errors and simply responding to the comments I make on the final draft will not improve your grade. For example, you may be expected to strengthen strengthen your conclusion in addition to correcting any grammatical and mechanical errors in the essay. If you make a conscious attempt to improve your final draft, it is impossible to make a grade on your revised draft that is lower than the grade you received on your final draft.

Midterm Exam (20%)?This will be a Regent’s-style five-paragraph essay written in class. Final Exam (20%)?This exam will be two hours long. In the first hour, a Regent’s-style say written and edited entirely in class and a practice reading examination modeled on the Regent’s Reading Test will be required of all students. The general topics and passages used on this exam will be the same in every section of the Composition I (ENGLE 1101) course.

Students will compose, revise, and proofread their essays without guidance from their instructors or fellow students within a one-hour time frame. Likewise, students will complete the multiple-choice Regent’s-style reading portion of the final examination within the remaining hour. Absence from a final exam will result in a score of zero. You will not be allowed to make it up unless you have a documented reason for not being present on that day. Keep in mind it will be the end of the semester and there may not be any days left on which you can make the exam up.

Final Grade/Grade Distribution/Grade Scale Assessment: You must pass this class with a grade of C or better to be eligible to enroll in ENGLE 1102. All papers/essays must be completed in order to pass this course. Likewise both parts of the final exam must be taken to pass the course. A significant portion of your grade (more than half) will likely be awarded in the second Alfa of the semester; therefore, your midterm grades will only reflect a percentage of possible grades and should not be used as a certainty of passing the course.

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