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New students of a college or university have many areas in which to not only get prepared for, but also learn to live in as new college students. As a new student entering into the college life, there are three points that can quickly effect the students ways. Included are areas of student class attendance, choosing courses, and instructors. Knowing how to juggle these three areas can mark the difference between a well prepared student and a failing one. The students’ class attendance is very important to not only the instructor, but also the students’ academic performance.

Students that are not able to attend all classes and promptly make it to class on time show in the students’ grades. Not being present for classes has a negative effect on the students’ grade. Depending on the strictness of the instructor, students’ class grades can go down by letter scores or the student can be dropped from the class all together. It is important to the new students attending a college for the first time to adhere to each class instructors’ rules of attendance. Another point that is important for new college students to be aware of is choosing courses.

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Every student should have met with their guidance counselor to decide on specific classes that will be beneficial to the students’ particular degree and academic success. When a student takes a class that is not needed, not only is it a waste of time and money for the student, but also a waste of time for the instructor. Students should have there future semesters and classes mapped out so there will be no surprises to the student when it comes time to graduate and credits/classes are still needed in order to do so.

The final area of discussion is the actual instructors themselves. College instructors are different from high school teachers. College instructors expect students to be more disciplined when it comes to not only attendance, but also homework assignments and studying. Where most college students are used to parent-teacher conferences , detentions, and teachers willing to stay after class to assist students, college instructors are different in all areas. College instructors do not necessarily care if the students show up for class.

College instructors can and will drop, lower the grade, and fail students without even letting the student know. The college instructor will not call their students’ parents to tell them that the student is not doing well in class. Entering into a college is a real culture shock for students alike. While students have many areas to learn about, , the areas of class attendance, choosing courses, and instructors are all three important and necessary to know about. Deciding on either being the well prepared student or the failing one is completely in the hands of the student.

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