Characteristics of Successful College Students Assignment

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According to The Magazine for Leaders in Education, about forty-two percent of students entering four-year colleges or universities graduate. Those students share common characteristics that make them successful. They understand what is expected of them and they are driven to achieve their goals. These students are committed and have a desire to thrive. In addition, a successful college student knows the meaning of hard work and appreciates the opportunity to receive an education. With the right motivation and attitude and taking responsibility for their learning a college student can be successful.

Motivation is the key to being successful and without it there is no drive to achieve. “No one can motivate you better than you can yourself” and students who are self-motivated set goals in which failure is not an option. Every college student has goals that are waiting to be met. Some students will do what is needed to just get by, while others feel it is their first priority to work at their highest potential. They do not only want to say they went to college, but they want to say that they were successful in college. Even though college can be tough at times a positive attitude can increase motivation.

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For example, if finals are coming up and a student thinks positive about how they are going to do chances are they will succeed. A positive attitude can also affect a student’s performance. For instance, students who go to school happy, organized, and ready to learn are optimistic and will most likely function better than a student who has a negative attitude. Responsibility is another characteristic every college student must have in order to be successful. Students who are responsible know what their tasks are and are always a step ahead.

For example, if there is a party the night before an exam a student who wants to do excellent will study instead of going to the party. Those students also go over the material ahead of time and are prepared for every class session. They will attend class on time everyday, pay attention, and participate. College students know that their professors are there to assist them and they are not afraid to ask for help when questions and uncertainties arise. They learn from the feedback they receive and apply it to their future work.

These students take time to perfect their work and are responsible enough to turn in all the assignments when they are due. They take advantage of any extra credit opportunities to improve a grade. Ambition is a characteristic that all successful people have. Students that are ambitious are committed to school and are eager to learn. They set goals and they are devoted to achieve them. Education is their absolute first priority and they focus on not only passing classes with the best grades but, to finish college in the fastest amount of time.

Students who desire to thrive are always concerned about grades and exams and take pride in all of their work. Although sometimes class work may seem a little overwhelming, ambitious students take charge of the situation and put forth their best effort. Successful college students understand that in order to reach their goals they must be responsible, motivated and ambitious. Having a positive attitude creates a more confident and progressive student. Education is every successful students first priority. Therefore, with the right characteristics college students can succeed.

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