Mandatory Sports Participation of University Students Assignment

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Mandatory Sports Participation The scrawny, corpulent figures and the jittery faces have become synonymous with the college going adults nowadays. Education, which liberally means bringing up an individual mentally, morally and physically, has confined its scope in getting just the onerous facts and figures imbibed in the young impressionable minds. Subjugated under the monotonous and burdensome curriculum, the youngsters don’t get any time to spend on sports and physical activities. This formulates a dismal show –an uninspiring generation living a graceless and worn out life.

To resuscitate the true meaning of education, Universities should recognize that sports are an indispensable part of education therefore there should mandate the involvement of all students in sports to benefit themselves. To increase the interest of the students, it should be include in the general requirement immediately. The importance of games and sports in developing the complete personality of an individual need hardly any emphasis. The mechanical infrastructure of our body needs regular and meticulous attention. Education is equally lifeless if it is devoid of sparkle and glow.

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In absence of any change or recreation, the brain goes dull and sluggish. To stop the “good old order corrupt” the minds, games and sports recreate the dormant spirit of the adolescents. Not only does this charge the body but also it revitalizes the brain that help it function with greater efficiency. With today’s statistics, obesity is hitting our nation as an epidemic disease. This amendment will help channel and impart the needs that would assist these young adults in future. The playing field is not only a simple gaming area, but also a sphere where many human and ethical values are fostered in young individuals.

Audacity and confidence is developed in them through sports and they learn to evade the obstacle together. These qualities help man to come out from the field victoriously and safely. The team spirit and co-ordination tactics are unparallel to what they learn in classrooms with projects and group assignments. This helps in establishing cordial and harmonious relations among different individuals. They provide opportunities that help them explore their horizons in different gleam. Discipline, which is the hallmark of success is developed in the playgrounds.

Submitting to the rules and regulations of games and obeying to the referee, we cultivate strong disciplinary sense in them. Not only discipline but self-control, self-reliance, confidence and determination is engrained in them. So this arena itself becomes a school, imparting the best thoroughfare education. Education is the bedrock of our society. To develop a young mind with all the decencies and decorum of life we should use sports as a tool to attain this goal. The thoughtful uses of games depend on the excellent “piece of work, noble in reason and infinite in faculties. “

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