Narrative Prompt Assignment

Narrative Prompt Assignment Words: 245

Your thesis will be the last sentence of the introduction. A narrative thesis should summarize the occurrence that you will be describing and indicate why it is important. You will organize your essay in time order and use time-reference transitions such as “first,” “after that,” “later that day,” “eventually,” etc. While your introduction moves from the general to the specific, your conclusion will move from the specific back to the general in order to demonstrate the rater significance of your discussion.

Sample Narrative Theses Spending six weeks in a wheelchair after breaking my leg made me realize how many ways most architectural designs fail to take mobility impairment into account. When we worked together to restore a vintage Mustang, my stepfather of two years finally began to feel like part of my family. My eight- grade field trip to the NASA Space Center generated my career aspiration to become an aerospace engineer. Sample Narrative Outlines . Introduction I.

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What led up to the event Ill. The event itself IV- What happened after the event V. Conclusion/reflection VI. I. First stage of the event Ill. Second stage of the event IV. Third stage of the event VII. All formal writing assignments must include: Correct MILA formatting as described in section MILA-AAA Of Writer’s Reference and shown on the Sample MILA Paper (MILA-c). Appropriate formal tone and correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. 12 point Times New Roman font Bill.

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