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Nor would we be able to connect with friends and family around the world in seconds, students would not have the ability to complete educational tasks, or the media be able to publish articles online for people to see immediately after it happens. First of all, without the Internet, a lot of businesses would not be doing as well as they are today. In today’s world, many businesses either thrive on Internet sales and deals, or only sell their products over the Internet. Since this development has come to the forefront in recent years, businesses have been able to connect with more customers, which is increasing their sales.

Companies have the ability to purchase products from other companies for their benefit. Whether it is big or small businesses, Internet sales have increased businesses’ revenues. Customers have the ability to rate a business based on the service and experience they had with a business. Also, a business has the ability to make their financial records public to show consumers their financial status, should a potential customer question their financial status. As a company continues selling products, not only will that company continue to prosper, but also the economy will grow.

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Secondly, without the Internet the medical field would not be as advanced and developed as it is today. In the medical field, doctors, nurses, and pharmacists rely on the Internet for research on cures for illnesses as well as medications to prescribe, their dosages and side effects. Doctors and nurses also depend on the Internet for patient medical history and documentation. When a new illness is discovered, medical researchers begin researching ways to develop treatments and cures to bring the illness to an end, as well as ways to prevent the illness from ever coming back.

The final main reason the Internet has been a major factor in the medical field is through medical testing. Instead of having to schedule extra appointments to have an X-Ray, MR., or CT Scan and then a follow up appointment for the results, a doctor can notify the lab of the tests that are needed and send the patient directly to the lab. Once finished in the lab, the patient then returns to the doctor, who has the results before the patient is in the room. Next, with the advancements of the Internet, people are easily able to innocent with friends and family worldwide.

Within seconds, people are able to communicate with others face to face via applications such as Keep and Peacetime. While people may not be able to afford a vacation or trip to visit family living in another state or country, or they have family in the military and cannot visit, having the ability to instantly videoconferencing with them is available to alleviate the stress of not being able to see their family. Additionally, many people use the Internet for video games either on the computer or on a video gaming console.

With this advancement, gamers are able to play with each other seamlessly from different parts of the world. Additionally, one can obtain never,n. RSI and information from various sources with just a few keyboard and mouse or screen clicks. Should one want to read a certain article from a specific publishing company, the ability is there. It is not only newspapers that can be subscribed to, but magazines as well. Additionally one can download full books in seconds at a price determined by the artist and the seller.

With more and more companies selling tablets and Readers, the number of books, magazines, and newspapers available for these devices has increased drastically. Therefore, many people use the Internet for various forms of communication and obtaining news information. Finally, the use of the Internet is probably most common in education. Most, if not all, students use the Internet for a Vast amount of reasons. Whether the Internet is being used for research, signing up for or taking classes online, completing assignments, or just browsing the web while waiting for class to start, it is common in a student’s daily life.

In recent years online courses have become more and more relevant because people may not have the time or ability to get to class. Online courses let the student take the class whenever they have the time. Not only have online courses become more common in recent years, but eBooks have become more popular and professors are using websites that allow students to complete and turn in assignments. Also, students turn to the Internet to complete research for papers and reports that require many sources of information that may not be available in libraries alone.

If students are in need of only specific information, they can turn to Google and search for key words and have that information in seconds. When it comes down to it, the Internet has saved time and resources in many aspects by going to eBooks, posting assignments online, and the numerous different search engines to aide students. In conclusion, the Internet has changed the way we live our lives in many different ways. Businesses have prospered from the Internet due to sales and customer reviews that are posted online.

The medical field has become o advanced because of the Internet that there is not as much of a wait needed to receive test results, diagnosis, treatments, and prescriptions as there was in the past. Having the ability to communicate with others around the world has become much more simplistic and advanced that a person can speak face to face with someone else in a different location around the world from virtually anywhere with the correct piece Of technology. Today, you can obtain news information from different newspaper publishers around the world instantly.

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