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I did a lot of research and picked out the very important details that I believe both parents and students need to know to have a better understanding. I used a lot of colors and images to make my brochure more appealing to the eye. After they review my brochure students will be able to know what they can and cannot do while using the internet. I want the parents of the students after reviewing my brochure to feel safer knowing that their kids will know what is wrong and right about the use of the internet.

As a future educator I have learned how important it is for students to know as much s possible about the safety of the internet because kids nowadays at Just age four are already using the internet so they need to know as much as possible about the safety and privacy about a computer and going on the internet. There are many dangers also about someone so young using a computer, many unacceptable websites and also they can’t trust Just anyone who they speak to online.

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They need to get permission before speaking to someone online, and I want the students to know to communicate to their parents whenever they feel they are in an uncomfortable situation. So I have learned to give out a lot of information and research on the correct ways to prevent doing anything wrong while on the internet. Also with discipline, students will learn not to repeat it again. There are ways to block websites that aren’t acceptable for students, and that is something parents should learn as well.

I also learned that parents need to be more educated about the safety of the internet and privacy and should also set an example at home and set limits on their computer for more safety. For the older students, they need to know not to only to Ely on the internet and copy everything they see, for example for an assignment they need to cite their sources, which is where they got their information from.

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