Summary Narrative Response Packet Assignment

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Essay 1: Summary Response Narrative First Draft Due: Moon, Feb.. 2 Final Draft Due: wed, Feb.. 4 Purpose and Overview: Essay 1 represents several objectives of English 102, and perhaps builds upon skills learned in ENG 101, This essay will focus on the skill set of successfully summarizing a reading selection re-communicating the author’s purpose and main points and then responding to that author’s ideas appropriately, which requires a certain degree of critical and careful reading and thinking.

Whether an academic, professional, or personal context, it is important to be able to understand a piece of writing, note key ideas, and suspend appropriately. This essay Will also ask students to use detail from their own lives in order to support their responses, which will allow students to bridge a connection between their lives and an academic context. In class we Will discuss important concepts related to the summary and narrative genres, including purpose, concision, sensory description, reflection, and rhetorical devices.

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To make the bridging of experiences a bit easier, many of the readings for this unit are off narrative nature. But often include other rhetorical purposes. Each of you should choose one reading assigned during the first two to here weeks of the semester (for Essay 1), See below. Reading List for Essay 1 (Norton Introduction to Literature) Update “A & P” p, 148 Wallace “Good People” p. 215 Tan “A pair of Tickets” p. 267 Baldwin “Sonny’s Blues” p. 5 Morrison “Recitative’ p. 200 Atwood “Lulus Nature” p. 224 Posted Online/Optional Readings: Lair ‘Trading Stories” p. 77 Celandine Good Short Life” p. 73 Length: 3 (full) to 4 pages Format: Modern Language Association (MEAL) Materials Due One the due date (see top), the following materials should be placed in a folder: Final Draft First Draft peer Review Rubric sheet (see next page; points lost on essay if not included)

Requirements for Essay I Skeletal Outline of Summary Response Sections The summary portion of this essay must include the following: The author and title of the reading selection/other necessary context information Acknowledgement of why this topic matters/the reason for examining the subject An overview of the pertinent main ideas/portions of the author’s writing (note that this should not be a list of the WHOLE reading selection’s main ideas -?we will address this concept in class) The response (your own narrative) portion of this essay must include the following: A transitional idea that signals he connection between the summary and the response A narrative/anecdote that includes sensory detail, narrative structure, and a solid significance and understanding of and how your narrative connects to the selected reading As this is an academic essay, the essay should take into consideration: An organizing pattern of paragraphing and structure, including an introduction, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion Error-free writing that has been proofread for grammatical mistakes Advice gleaned from the in class peer review session; there should be noticeable differences between the peer review draft ND final draft MEAL-style headings and format Place in folder with Final Name: Category Essay 1: Summary Response Narrative Rubric Points Introduction In the first paragraph, the pertinence Of the ideas being discussed is described. It includes the articles title and author information, appropriate context of the topic in question, and ends With a claim that explains the connection between the summary and the writers personal response/narrative. Summary of Author Selection The specific article’s main ideas are skillfully interpreted and presented to honestly represent the author’s arguments. The writer takes into consideration the bigger ideas of the argument/narrative and/or has prioritize them to prove a cohesive point.

The writer uses quoting selectively, and the arguments have been put into the writers own words accurately. Use of Narrative Structure and Details Details are vivid, rich and specific. There are descriptions at various points in the narrative that beyond the obvious and predictable. They appeal to the senses and demonstrate creativity and critical thought. The writer has selected an appropriate and specific enough event that pertains to the reading. 125 Significance of Response/ Conclusion The Miter understands how the response/narrative agrees or disagrees or corresponds to the selected reading. The meaning adds complexity to the response, for it is not overly simplistic or cliched.

The significance reflects careful and critical reading. This creates a concluding idea to the essay. Structure The writer uses paragraphs to separate and emphasize ideas. There are transitions between sentences, ideas, and paragraphs. It is well-organized and fully developed piece of writing. Using Language All sentences are correctly constructed. Vocabulary is varied and precise, Punctuation and grammar conventions are used with accuracy and add meaning to the writing. There are not any distracting errors. Process First draft is included, and the final draft is in proper MEAL format. / 10 T total Essay 1 Reflection This assignment Will be handed in With the Final Draft Of Essay 2, in folder.

See course calendar, or Essay 2 assignment packet, for exact dates. Length: 1 (full) to 2 pages Format: – MEAL format (with proper headings and organization) Essay format (complete sentences, no billeted or numbered lists, multiple paragraphs (one idea per section), organized structure/thought process, roofed and tree of errors) Points/Grade: part to smaller assignments, usually worth 10 points Directions: Please re-read your essay and use word processing and MEAL format. As you write, you may wish to consider some of the questions listed below, Pick the questions that pertain to your writing process and the strengths and/or weaknesses you had venue drafting and revising this essay.

These assignments should help you reflect upon your writing process, how well you met assignment parameters, what improvements you made (or did not), and/or your strengths and weaknesses as a writer. Be honest and professional. Why did you choose that particular reading for Essay 1? Was it a good choice? What did you do to understand the specific reading? Did you accurately and clearly summarize it? Why did you choose to write about this experience in purr own life? Arroyo happy with your choice? How well do you think you told your narrative/experience? Were you descriptive enough? How was this kind of writing assignment different from other composition assignments you have completed?

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