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Loyal Spinach In class Response-Assignment 9 What does Islam mean? From my understanding I don t know too much about Islam. A young girl at William Paterson came into my anthropology class and she was a Muslim. She was telling us about her lifestyle for our cultural opposite projects. She explained to us that she prays 5 times a day, we asked how does she do this when she’s in class or at work. She told us that no matter what or where ever she is at she finds a quiet corner leaves what she is doing and goes and prays until she is completely finished. They do fast a lot especially for Ramadan.

Ramadan is the ninth month for the Muslim year, during strict fasting is going on from sunrise to sunset. The women wear a head covering which is a hajji, it’s worn outside the home and in front of men who aren’t family members. Some women wear this because it’s a sign of respect, when a man is speaking to a women instead off man looking at their body of a sign of sex they completely cover up. Showing only their face so the man focuses more on them, their personality and conversation more than anything else. They can remove their hajji only in front of their husbands and uncles, close family members only.

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How old do you think Islam in this country is? Islam in this country has been going on for years, before I was born. When did you start hearing about Islam? Started hearing about Islam when I was in first grade and through my father. Are there mosques or Islamic centers where you live? Live in Neptune Township there aren’t any in that area but the next town over is Suburb Park and there are Islamic centers in that area. How old is Christianity in this country? Christianity in this country is many years old and has been around again before I was born. When did you first hear about Christianity? Rest heard about Christianity when was seven years old when my parents were explaining it to me, started to learn it even more when I became baptized. Are there Christian centers where you live?

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