Negative Stereotype Against Islam and M Assignment

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On the other hand, if someone describes a group of people positively, such as what William Raspberry writes in The Handicap of Definition, “Maybe Jews have an innate talent for communication; maybe the Chinese are born with a gift from mathematical reasoning, maybe blacks are naturally blessed with athletic race” (Paragraph 1 1 I personally think that stereotype is that people have grown up with without caring if it is positive or negative; two common negative stereotypes are Islamic terrorism and Muslim women’s rights.

Muslims are terrorists. This is the most common idea about Muslims because people who are thinking in this way never take time to seek the truth. The main reason is that media has destroyed the public image about Islam and Muslims because it is the most effective tool on human beings. For instance, mince World Trade Center was attacked on 2001, most American started to think that Muslims had done that attack. If the media spent more time to clarify this issue, the American or whoever else will not have negative idea about Islam and Muslims.

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Another example is that last year after I had a chance to visit an American high school, I had faced an aggressive attitude from one of the professors there, and that happened after he knew that I am Muslim. I think he act like this with me because when whatever bad happen, the media transfers it as a Muslims’ action. Thus, the idea of Muslims are terrorists is still exist nowadays, and because the media is the most effective aspects, it must to inform and educate anyone in the world about the truth, which are those actions never represent Islam and Muslims.

Because when bad people, in the whole world, do something wrong, they cover the bad action by admitting that they related to specific group of people to hide themselves. Another negative stereotype is Muslim women have no rights. Many people think that when Muslim women wear hajji and cover all her DOD by wearing baby, they limited themselves from practicing whatever they want, such as driving the car, work in manufacturing and so.

So those type of people have an idea in their mind about how Islam negatively treat women. Indeed, many Muslim countries allow to women to work in manufacturing, driving the car, and so without having any problem. The only different is the culture that people have in their country. Islam never gets into those problem because before the Islam existed, Arabs’ women were used or fornication only and has no independence.

Moreover, when any woman gave birth, it was girl, she WOUld killed by burying her because they thought that girl means shame on her family. However, Islam has changed all those beliefs and has created the right for women. Thus, Islam works to save women and give them the right to live as the men do. However, the people who have stereotyped the Muslim women right should read about how women were treated by Islam, and how they treat after the Islam has existed.

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