Islam Impact on the Modern World Assignment

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There have been many religions that have been created across the world since man has been here. Islam was started by a man named Muhammad he created what is now Islam in or around 622 A. D. He started as a merchant that worked in Mecca and then left the city for 13 years while he was wandering he had visions that God was talking to him and telling him to form a new religion. He then came back to Mecca and started to preach to the people there. Mecca at the time was mostly polytheistic, and while preaching to them very few converted to Islam.

The people of Mecca finally ousted Muhammad and his believers and they traveled to Medina, north of Mecca. There Muhammad and his believers would convert thousands, after that Muhammad went back to Mecca to invade it. After invading Mecca and converting those who hadn’t died or exiled to Islam he had the holy city of Islam. Since that time Islam has grown at a rapid rate, expanding quickly to invade every nation on earth. Of the world’s major religions, next to Christianity, Islam has had the greatest impact on the modern world.

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Islam has changed the world over; the faith has affected the world politically, religiously, through technology, culture, and military. One of the most profound impacts that Islam has had is through the political world. Approximately twenty-one percent of the world’s population consider themselves to be Muslim. An astonishing twenty-two countries have some form of Islam to be the state religion, more than any other religion on earth. Numerous world leaders also are followers of the faith or have many Islamic backers.

As stated above every country has a considerably number of Muslims in their country. By spreading into government it is hard to separate church from state in these countries, tending for these Muslims ideals, rules, and laws to penetrate into their governments. This can cause strains on relations with other countries even Islamic ones. These governments especially have a hard time dealing with Israel and Christian nations or ones that consider them to be Christian.

It does have a impact in Islamic countries such as what has happened in India with the assassination of the Prime Minister or Pakistan with the impeachment of its president. Looking at these countries, they must have a hard time due to all the pressure on them by Muslim groups to keep their values and laws in check. One major part of Islamic groups get angry is with to many dealings with Christian nations or dealing with Jewish ones at all.

Islam has had a big effect on the political world, shaking it up to believe what the Muslims do. Another way Islam has impacted the world is through religion. Again, religion has played a big role in the world in all aspects; Islam has had one of the biggest since the time it has been formed. Islam has spread quickly to all over the globe, and has not let down its growth rate. It will continue to grow and probably never stop at that. Millions convert per year in places all over the world.

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