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That is, you would be asked to conduct research on an organizational problem or issue and come up with “solutions” within the usual time and resource constraints. The usefulness of this research is dependent on, among other things, the appropriateness of the research methodologies and approaches that are used, as well as the rigor of the analyses. One of the key purposes of a university is knowledge discovery and this is not restricted to professors. As students, it is expected that you will learn research skills and use them in advancing your knowledge and societal development.

The research project will be conducted in groups. The written component, valued 20% of the course grade, will be evaluated on several criteria, including style (how well the paper is organized, quality of written communication, etc. ), the adequacy, relevance, and quality of the literature review, the quality of the data analyses, the viability and practicability (how implantable) of the recommendations. Your presentation is worth 15%; the grading criteria will include style (flow, quality of aids, eye contact, timing, etc. ) and content (adequacy of material covered, how well questions are answered, etc. ND 5% of your grade will be determined by members of your group (see peer evaluation on the course website). Objectives of the Project This project will help students to: 1 . Develop skills in doing literature searches, including the identification and evaluation of sources (relevance, credibility and validity). 2. Conduct empirical research using a variety of methodological approaches – both positivist/quantitative and interpretative/qualitative. 3. Critically evaluate the information/articles used and data collected so as to assist in problem identification and potential solutions. 4.

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Learn/refine skills in the proper attribution of information and sources cited in the paper. 5. Analyze, synthesize and organize the information/data into a structured paper. 6. Present the research findings to the class. Summary of the Assignment This project has three components: a written paper (20%), a presentation (1 5%), and peer evaluation (5%). Essentially, your group (of about 5-8 persons) will study a current compensation issue facing an organization (or organizations) in Canada or elsewhere. There are multiple sources of information for this issue: the news/press, Journals, managers and employees, your own experiences, and so on.

The instructor will provide more details during the first class. Your written paper should be approximately 20 pages, excluding the list of references (Arial or Times New Roman, 12 pitch, with 1″ margins; double-spaced). You should cover at least the following in the paper: An introduction (the importance of the topic/issue, etc. ) A literature review: Details of the issue (what it is, etc. ), and a review/analysis of relevant articles on the subject (articles should come from Journals and books, as well as other sources such as newspapers, magazines, websites, etc.

Research methodology An examination and analysis of the issue in the organization selected Recommendations on how to manage the issue You must also include a list of the articles cited, using the PAP style. This paper must be handed to the instructor at the time of your presentation (except for the first set of groups to present). The presentation may follow the headings above (but you can choose to be innovative and be different). Not all members of your group are required to do the presentation; you may choose at least two people to present, given the time limits.

The presenters will stand at the front of the class. Just remember that your group will receive the same mark, so choose your presenters wisely. Due to time constraints, the presentation will be limited to approximately 20 minutes and about 5 minutes for a question and answer period. There is a penalty for going above the time limits, so please rehearse your presentation in advance. It is a good idea to assign back-up presenters if you are unsure of your ability to attend that particular class. The peer evaluation forms will be made available on the course website and will be due when the paper is submitted.

The purpose of these evaluations is to ensure that each member is consistently making valuable contributions to group work in and outside of class. Teamwork and interaction not only with the class but also within your team will allow you to discuss the course material in a more intimate and meaningful forum. Further explanation of these forms will occur in class. You should evaluate each member with regard to progress in your group assignment, and participation in group activities in and outside of class relating to this course. Please make sure that your group name is at the top of your sheets at submission.

This is a CONFIDENTIAL evaluation; please do not collaborate with your team members. Each individual in the class must submit a peer evaluation for his/her group. Carefully evaluate each team members’ behaviors during the activities with your group and fill out the form provided to you. This form must be handed in by the end of the class in which you make your presentation. Late peer evaluation forms will not be accepted, but you may submit it early, as the form will be provided to you prior to the class. Make sure that you put your group name and your name and student number at the top of your sheet.

Specific Instructions for the Written Paper A. Form Groups, Select a Topic and Presentation Week 1. Form groups (5-8 students). The professor can help with this task, if necessary. 2. Think about a topic and organization(s) for your research. This may take a few weeks. The professor will guide you in this task. 3. Sign up for the presentation time/week in the “presentation form” provided by the professor. B. Search for Information/Data on Your Topic 1 . Skim the text to get an idea of the issue that may be covered in the research project.

Once you agree as a group on a topic (you should determine the topic in insulation with the targeted organization(s)). Ideally, your paper should focus on a specific aspect of the general topic (e. G. , if your topic is pay-for-performance, you can choose to do a more detailed analysis of stock options). 2. Use appropriate search strategies to locate material on your topic. The professor may organize a guest lecture by a librarian to help familiarize you with library sources, referencing, etc. It is strongly recommended that you use business/management databases versus general web/online searches to locate the academic articles. . Evaluate the readability and usefulness of the material/articles located. Do not use material from websites and other sources where the accuracy or authenticity of the information is questionable (for example, if the author is not stated or the details of the primary sources are not mentioned). 4. There is no limit on the amount of articles that you can consult and cite. Ideally, your research should include mostly peer-reviewed articles, as well as material from the web or online sources, government reports, the popular press (e. G. Business magazines), and/or newspapers. 5. In your primary search, you can conduct interviews or surveys to help with your research, among other methods. Please discuss this with the professor. Details of the interviews (including questions) and surveys must be provided to the professor (and included in the report), as we will have to get approval from the university research ethics office. 6. Carefully analyze and synthesize the main findings. C. Write a Paper on Your Issue 1 . Use the information collected to write a 20-page paper (plus or minus a few pages). 2.

You should attempt to organize and synthesize the research articles in a holistic ND coherent manner – under a literature review section. Critically evaluate these articles/previous research as you see fit. 3. Ensure that proper attribution is made as appropriate; that is, cite your sources. Use the PAP format. 4. State the general research problem/organizational issue. 5. Describe your methodology; that is, state how you obtained and analyzed the data to address the research issue. 6. Present your findings in a structured/organized manner. 7. Discuss your findings – explain why think these specific results were obtained.

Did you find anything unexpected? If so, how do you explain them? Use previous theory and empirical research to help you with these explanations, as well as your own intuitions. 8. Discuss the limitations of the research. 9. Present recommendations to the organization (if this is required). 10. Check your final paper for appropriate headings, grammar, spelling, etc. Before you submit it. 11. Submit the paper by the deadline. Mid-Term Examination: 25% A mid-term examination will be held during the sixth week of the course. It is imperative that you attend the mid-term since there will be no other alternative dates to write a make-up exam.

The mid-term exam is a closed-book exam covering materials covered in class. The format will most likely be a combination of multiple choice and essay/short answer questions. You will be advised of the format prior to the midterm date. Final Examination: 35% The exam will be held during the formal examination period for the semester, in a room and location to be announced closer to the exam date. More details will follow as the semester progresses. There will be no other alternative date to write the final exam. The final exam will most likely be a combination of multiple choice and essay/ worth answer questions.

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