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Learning Outcomes By the end of this course student should be able to: Understand how the presence of IT mediated markets will alter marketing, retailing and business practices. Discuss new strategic initiatives by firms engaging in internet commerce and how that changes industry structure. Discussing relevant economics theory and understanding new emerging techniques Like social network marketing that can be useful in making strategic decisions in online markets and communities.

Learning Methodology Lectures illustrated on the chalkboard and/or Powering to develop a clear understanding of the relevant concepts Case studies and projects that help students understand actual events and policies Group exercises and discussions to reinforce learning of key concepts and evaluation techniques Readings Lauded, Kenneth, E-commerce, 5th Edition, Pearson Publisher (abbreviated below as CE) Additional reading materials will be given or referenced in class. Students are expected to keep themselves current with e-commerce developments by reading newspapers, business magazines, and online e-commerce news sources.

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Individual Work: Homework Assignments Mid-term exam Final Group Project Group Presentation 25% Final Exam: The final grade will be based on your performance on the projects, a mid-term exam and a final examination plus attendance and class participation, weighted as follows: Attendance/Participation Final Exam A = 95-100 A- = 90-94 = 85-89 B- = 75-79 c C- D = 70-74 = 65-69 = 60-64 (lowest passing grade for INPUT) 55-59 ? 50-54 (lowest passing grade for NIT) = below 50 Additional point (up to 5 points) will be given to a group project if the team uses Perez for presentation. Please assume yourself as a professional in a business.

When you send e-mail, do reservation, write an assignment do it accordingly in business manner. 0 Current Articles If you help keep all of us up to date by referring to relevant new articles in class, you will be given additional points. To receive the extra credit, you must provide a one- page comment on the article within one week of the class discussion. To earn credit, your in-class comment and your written comments should go beyond simply restating the content of the article. Credit will be given for up to 5 articles, for a potential total of 5 points added to your Individual Assignment. Citation/ References

If you have proper Citation/References in your individual assignment and/or group assignment you will be given 1 additional point (total of 5 points) on your assignment. Do not use Wisped or Baud as reference. It won’t give you the additional credit. Cheating/Plagiarism There will be no tolerance of cheating and plagiarism of any form whether perpetrators, participants or passive observers. Students are required to report any incident of which they are aware. During examinations your University ID is required, cell phones have to be switched off and not visible at all times during the exam.

The minimum penalty for cheating will be failing the course as per the University regulations. Similarity more than 10% will be given O marks on the assignment. Miscellaneous Policies Attendance will be taken regularly. Students can not miss more than 4 sessions; otherwise they will be dropped from the course, or, with permission (e. G. , because of illness), given a grade of incomplete. Students are expected to be in class on time. Late arrivals will count as missing class. Cell phones are to be turned off and out of sight during classes and exams. Leaving class to make or take a call will not be tolerated.

The final exam is given only once. It cannot be retaken. Any students who fail the course will need to repeat the entire course, not merely retake the exam. Exams Ground Rules Exams will be on a designated day. Exams will be a closed book exam. Exams are NOT group work. You cannot consult with, talk to, communicate with or pass text messages to anyone else in or out of the classroom. There are no cultural exceptions. When time is called on the exam, please stop writing. Purpose. If you believe you work hard but afraid of getting lower mark, consult with me during the semester not the end of the semester.

CE, Chap. 8 Week 10 : Online Retailing and Services CE, Chaps. 9 Week 1 1: Online Content and Media CE, Chaps. 10 Week 12 : Social Networks, Auctions and Portals Week 13: Group Presentation (Group Assignment due) Week 14: Group Presentation Assignment Assessment Criteria Criteria 20 Relevance of contents Clearly unable to deal with topic competently Clear difficulty in focusing and dealing with the topic; narrow scope; Many aspects irrelevant in terms of topic and task; quite unfocused Appears relevant to topic and task; possibly little limited in scope, too detailed in places or too long

Appears focused and relevant to topic and task with minor aspects missing. Appears wallflower’s and relevant to topic and task; thorough coverage Organization No apparent organization, making reading difficult Poor organization and sections makes comprehension of the whole very difficult. Sections and paragraphs do not form a clear whole; Some incompleteness or lack of clarity in the whole; sections and paragraphs not divided Minor incompleteness or lack of clarity; sections and paragraphs generally divided well; Outline of main ideas easily recognizable to readers; sections and paragraphs clearly marked

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