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All elements of speech production and presentation are considered. Basic Skills/Prerequisites Fundamentals of Speech is a required course for all FMC Students expect Allied Health Majors. Before registering for ESP. 100 students must have completed or be exempt from: ENG 088, SSL 094, and ORG 062 Course Student Learning Outcomes (Students will be able to… ) Prepare presentations for the listeners Present presentations using effective delivery techniques including extemporaneous speaking, standard language, and eye contact with the audience

Prepare presentations that locate, evaluate, select, and incorporate different forms of supporting material, including visual aids. Demonstrate acceptable ethical standards in research and presentation of materials. Research and organize material to support a thesis. Listen critically and respectfully to others’ speeches. Measurements (means of assessment for student learning outcomes listed above) Major presentations presentations and outlines presentations, outlines, and mid-term Presentations, outlines, and final exam class feedback exercises Below are the college’s general education learning outcomes.

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The outcomes that are checked in the left-hand column indicate goals that will be covered and assessed in this course. (Check at least one. ) General Education Learning Outcomes x Communication Skills- Students will be able to write, read, listen and speak critically and effectively. Quantitative Reassignment’s will be able to use quantitative skills and the concepts and methods of mathematics to solve problems. Scientific Reasoning- Students will be able to apply the concepts and methods of the natural sciences.

Social and Behavioral Contentedness’s will be able to apply the concepts and ethos of the social sciences. Arts & Humanities- Students will be able to develop knowledge and understanding of the arts and literature through critiques of works of art, music, theatre or literature. Information & Technology Literacy- Students will be able to collect, evaluate and interpret information and effectively use information technologies. Values- Students will be able to make informed choices based on an understanding of personal values, human diversity, multicultural awareness and social responsibility.

Measurements (means of assessment for general education goals listed in first column) Presentations and outlines Statistical charts, graphs and visual aids Informative and Persuasive presentations and outlines; midterm exam; final exam Ethical persuasive presentations Required Text: Stand and Deliver (Powell et al) Pearson 2009 or earlier edition Other Resources: The New York Times Evaluation and Requirements: Attendance, punctuality and participation 10% Midterm & Final Exams, quizzes, writing 30% Short introductory assignments 25% Informative speech & outline 15% Persuasive speech & outline 20% College Attendance Policy:

At FMC, the maximum number of absences is limited to one more-hour than the number of hours a class meets in one week. For example, you may be enrolled in a three-hour class. In that class, you would be allowed 4 hours of absence (not 4 days). In the case of excessive absences, the instructor has the option to lower: the grade or assign an F or WWW grade. Academic Adjustments for Students with Disabilities Students with disabilities who require reasonable accommodations or academic adjustments for this course must contact the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities.

FMC is committed to providing equal access to all programs and curricula to all students. FMC Policy on Plagiarism and Academic Integrity Statement Plagiarism is the presentation of someone else’s ideas, words, or artistic, scientific, or technical work as one’s own creation. Using the idea or work of another is permissible only when the original author is identified. Paraphrasing and summarizing, as well as direct quotations, requires citations to the original source. Plagiarism may be intentional or unintentional. Lack of dishonest intent does not secretaries absolve a student of responsibility for plagiarism.

Students who are unsure how and when to provide documentation are advised to consult with their instructors. The library has guides designed to help students to appropriately identify a cited work. The full policy can be found on Banc’s website, www. FMC. CUNY. Deed. For further information on integrity and behavior, please consult the college bulletin (also available online). ASSIGNMENTS 1) Introduction of a Classmate (5%) Interview your partner. Collect enough information about past, present and future locals to fill a 1-2 minute speech. Take phone or email for follow-up.

Make sure you know how to pronounce your partner’s name! Don’t tell us what we already know. Take your notes home and arrange them. Practice extemporaneous delivery and time yourself (Remember begging middle and end). In class, you and your partner will both come to the front of the room so that you can introduce each other. 2) Brush with Greatness (5%) A two to three minute presentation where you tells us about a moment in your life when someone or something inspired you, this is your first introduction in using story ailing in your presentation.

You will use notes, speak extemporaneously, turn in a practice outline. 3) Demonstration or Culture Presentation (10%) Show us how to do a procedure that you already know well OR tell us a bit about your culture, if this is not your country of origin. This presentation is 2-3 minutes, requires an appropriate visual aid and is extemporaneous, as always. For the first time, you will hand in a written outline, worth 5 points, which should be structured like this: Introduction Today I’ll show you how to . OR Today I’ll tell you about Body PM I First I’ll tell you .

PM II Next I’ll tell you . PM Ill Last I’ll tell you . Conclusion (Think of a power-punch ending that will leave the audience amazed and applauding) 4) Informative Speech* (15%) This is your first presentation that requires research and a full preparation outline, which you will be taught in class (also see textbook chapter on outlining). First, choose a topic from a recent article from The New York Times that will interest and benefit your audience. Next, find more information on the topic from two other reliable sources (see chapter on library research).

Then collect and Truckee your information, making sure you have visual aids to support your main point. Practice and make sure your presentation is between 5 and 7 minutes long; add or edit as necessary. Practice again, with visual aids. Your outline is worth 5 points and delivery 10. 5) Persuasive Speech* (20%) This is your most important presentation. Follow all the directions for the informative speech (above) but make sure you choose a topic that is appropriate for persuasion. Your Job is to convince your audience to agree with you and DO something about it. (We’ll discuss this at length in class.

See also the textbook chapter). This speech is 8-10 minutes, extemporaneous, with visual aids. 6. ) Writing assignments (30%) Students are required to complete weekly writing assignments. All assignments are to be doubled spaced, typed, & proof read. Students will be required to reflect upon peer speeches, videos, and readings. *You cannot pass this course without delivering both these speeches to an audience of your peers. If you are absent, late or unprepared, you will either fail the course or earn a grade of “INC” and you’ll return next semester to present to a classroom full of strangers.

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